There are 5 Men’s division and 4 Women’s division. Each division consists of 17 boats from different Colleges. The position of the boats are determined by the Bumps results. This is recorded by the Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs.

As of May 2017, Sidney has two Men’s and two Women’s boats. The ranking are shown below.

  • May Bump Rankings 2017

    Div. 2 13/17
    Men's Firsts
    Div. 2 14/17
    Women's Firsts
    Div. 4 12/17
    Men's Seconds
    Div. 4 15/17
    Women's Seconds

Men’s First achieving Blades in May Bumps 2017.

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For more detailed breakdown of May Bumps 2017 results, click here for Men’s, and here for Women’s.