Boatie Bar Crawl 2016 T-shirt


Event is in the past!
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Date: Sunday the 23rd of October 2016

Join SSBC at Cambridge’s biggest rowing social event!

We’ll tour around some of Cambridge’s finest drinking establishments, with games and challenges along the way.

The T-shirt acts as your ticket to join the bar crawl, and entitles you to drinks deals at the various bars and pubs we’ll be visiting, as well as discounted entry into Lola’s. You can see previous designs in the gallery, and out on the river or in the gym; the t-shirts are great training gear after the event.

Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve never set foot in a boat before or you’ve reached the dizzy heights of the SSBC committee.

Total = 39

Katie Cudmore
Camille Lardy
Peter Scott Reid
Sid Neelson
Lois Overvoorde
Emma Goldberg
Steve Zhang
Jenna Gowell
Jack Walton
Emma Flint
Guenther Turk
Eleonore Fox
Hamish Scott
Tom Jameson
Xingyu Guo
Nathan Jay
Patrick Boyle
Simeon Wentzel
Julia Schwarz
Helen Beckwith
Tobias Lang
Zachary Lande
Jacob Meagher
Nick Matthews
Chloe Allenby
Kuishuai Yi
Alex Corsham
Philip Saville
Owen Chen
florence alexander
Markus Baschnagel
Jirayut Brister
Charlie Spicer
Linn Møystad
Ed Hutton
Paavan Sawjani
Edward Revell
Roderick Dyer
Jeremy Smith