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There's still time to join in!

Posted: Tuesday 02 October 2012, 6:44PM by Daniel Worrall


Welcome Freshers!

We hope you enjoyed the squash and the tubbing today. That is only a taster of a much more thrilling and lively boat club atmosphere, that if you join, you will doubtlessly encounter on a daily basis.

There is still time to sign up to erging this Saturday. Just send an email to womens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk.

See you there x

Welcome Freshers!

Posted: Sunday 30 September 2012, 10:18PM by David Woods


The madness of fresher term!

Hi freshers,

Welcome to Sidney! More importantly, welcome to the website of Sidney Sussex Boat Club, and well done on finding us! Rowing is one of the most popular sports in Cambridge, with almost everyone trying it at some point in their time here. It’s also a great way to make some great friends, stay fit, and have a load of fun! At Sidney we’re really committed to being as inclusive and friendly as possible, so whether you’re a keen and competitive schoolboy rower or if you’ve never rowed before (most of us hadn’t when we arrived!) and just want a refreshing break from the daily work grind, we have a boat for you! Freshers’ rowing is great fun, and not too intense – you’ll be learning to row in a boat with like-minded people about three times a week (two water sessions and some land training), and even get the chance to participate in some competitions!

The best way to find out more about rowing in Sidney is to come along to our Squash at the start of term, which will be held in the Knox Shaw room on Monday the 1st of October, straight after Matriculation Dinner. There’ll be free drinks, a chance to meet some new people and to get chatting to some of the more experienced members of SSBC. There are also ‘Tubbing’ sessions running throughout Tuesday the 2nd down at the boathouse, where you can try out some rowing in pairs (capsizing unlikely!) in an informal setting. If you want to find out more just drop Sam and me an email at mens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk or email Sarah at womens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk . See you on the water!

Boatie love,

SSBC. (By far the greatest boat club the world has ever seen).

Edited on Sun, 30th Sep 12 by David Woods

May Bumps Days 2 and 3 - M1

Posted: Friday 15 June 2012, 8:31PM by David Heywood


Days 2 and 3 have been gruelling row overs for M1.
Day two started well once again gaining on St. Edmund's in front only to be held off for the course. Pembroke II put in a good chase but cleaner rowing from us meant we were able to hold them for the course.
Day 3 was tough with very high winds making for difficult rowing. Once again we were faster off the start than St. Edmund's but this momentum was killed by a huge gust which took away our balance just before the motorway bridge.
Tomorrow we hope for a good end to the week with a bump on Eddie's. Come on lads!

Some training/ racing videos can be found on SSBC's YouTube channel:

Edited on Fri, 15th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall


May Bumps W1 - Day 1 & 2

Posted: Friday 15 June 2012, 12:10AM by Olivia Duffield


W1 ended the first day of bumps with a solid row over, pushing onto Pembroke W2 around Grassy Corner and Ditton but unfortunately not quite catching up.

Our practice starts were strong and we were well prepared when the gun went off. Emma W2 behind us stood no chance and we pushed off them quickly, leaving Murray Edwards to bump them out.

Day 2 started with a number of non-ideal circumstances. Sadly our 7, Natalie Tapley, is unable to row for the rest of bumps due to illness and Lois Overvoorde is (again) heroically subbing in. This did, however, mean that we were starting a difficult day without a full crew and we all knew that it was going to be hard. Murray Edwards caught Emma W2 quickly the day before, so our start had to be absolutely air-tight. We pushed off well to begin with, but lost balance and confidence around the corner as Murray Edwards started gaining and eventually bumped us out.

Tomorrow we're expecting a hard row-over, and hopefully after a pre-bumps outing to get the new crew settled we'll be able to get back what we lost by Saturday.

Edited on Fri, 15th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

May Bumps Day 2 - W3

Posted: Thursday 14 June 2012, 7:44PM by Daniel Worrall



Starting off the second day of Bumps with the beautiful weather was amazing! We were chasing Robinson and we were all determined to bump. We started off quite well and we managed to keep a constant distance between us and Robinson but after a while they started to drift off into the distance. We rowed over again but in any case we’re all really pleased to be part of Bumps.

Edited on Thu, 14th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

May Bumps Day 1 - W3

Posted: Thursday 14 June 2012, 7:43PM by Daniel Worrall



This was the first time our crew rowed Bumps, and it was great! We were stressed at the beginning but the bank party encouraged us and we were feeling quite positive! We started off well but the crew ahead of us (Lady Margaret) bumped fairly quickly and we had to re-row. We could only row over but we tried our best and made it a really good row to the finish line! It was so good to have people cheering for us too! We felt satisfied by the end of it and we were really looking forward to rowing on Thursday!

Day 1 Summary

Posted: Thursday 14 June 2012, 11:28AM by Daniel Worrall


W2 post-bumping!

To-day's results are fairly solid, with 6 row-overs and a bump from W2 -- hurrah! -- , who have now moved up a division.

There will be more races uploaded in the morning. **If you have any videos or pictures of rowing, fun on the bank etc.. please send them in to captain@ssbc.org.uk, so we can add them to the website**

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Edited on Thu, 14th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

VIDEOS: Watch races here

May Bumps Day 1 - M2

Posted: Wednesday 13 June 2012, 10:59PM by Daniel Worrall


Report by ADAM WILLS.

M2 rowed up optimistically at what the imminent race would hold for them. We know that we amongst the fastest in out division from previous races this term and the row down included two pretty nice starts to work off.

Our actual start was a little splashy but we quickly pulled it together and made out move on Christ's IV, getting to 3/4 length. Unfortunately, the bumps gods were not with us. Christ's went easy on Grassy due to obstructions ahead of them and so we followed suit not wanting to crash into them. After some confusion, the race kept going and we quickly wound it back up. However, Christ's now held us off and pushed away a little bit and so we had to settle for the row over.

Tomorrow will be a case of bump of be bumped with the very strong Hughes Hall II chasing us. Here's to catching Christ's first.

Edited on Wed, 13th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

May Bumps Day 1 - M1

Posted: Wednesday 13 June 2012, 9:21PM by David Heywood


The row up to the start today was strong
after a slightly dodgy lead up to bumps with exam stresses and injury hitting M1 in the last two weeks.

Our positioning in the line up put us behind a strong St. Edmund's M1 crew and in front of Wolfson M1. Wolfson did not look to challenge us throughout and we took three quarters of a length off St. Edmund's in the first few hundred metres. This was only to see them lengthen out and push off us effectively, leaving us with a row over as a result.

The race today was not our fastest or cleanest rowing but a good effort never the less. We can take heart in the fact that there are areas we can improve on tomorrow that will really make us move.

Tomorrow we will look to sharpen up the technique, building on the result today to push for that bump on St. Edmunds.

Edited on Wed, 13th Jun 12 by Daniel Worrall

SSBC Garden Party

Posted: Saturday 05 May 2012, 3:27PM by Lois Overvoorde


Ticket sales are now open!

Edited on Sat, 12th May 12 by Lois Overvoorde

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