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Newnham Short Course - W2

Posted: Friday 08 February 2013, 11:51AM by Daniel Worrall


W2 at Chesterton

Report by Isabelle Kamenou

Newnham shortcourse on 2nd February was our first race as a W2. After having only a few outings beforehand and rowing in Lady Fran for the first time as a crew we didn’t really know what to expect. As a result, following a slightly messy start we picked up and rowed our very best! We kept the rating up and with the help of our great cox we finished the 2k in 9:34. This race has definitely pushed us and now we’re ready to face Bumps!

Newnham Shortcourse-W1

Posted: Sunday 03 February 2013, 5:15PM by Sarah Robinson


Newnham shortcourse was W1's first race of Lent term and what a race it proved to be. We arrived at the boat house pumped and eager to get back into the racing scene. With a solid row up to the start line we quickly fell into our race pace leaving a men's crew trailling in our wake. Keeping it together we had a final burst down the reach to finish with a fantastic time of 9.03. Now we have our eyes on bumps with high hopes for a good result!

LPBC W1 - Fairbairns 2012

Posted: Tuesday 04 December 2012, 12:59PM by Tash Scott


On 30th November, LPBC W1 took to the river to race in the Fairbairns 2012 Cup.

Always a slightly scrappy start after having only rowed about 10 strokes all eight, we soon settled into a steady race pace. Aimee’s calls for us to ‘get keen’ and ‘dominate’ out of the railway bridge and the reach, along with the helpful stream, meant we stormed down the straightest section of the course. In our sights appeared were what were to become the winners of Fairbairns - Homerton W1(!) - and we managed to keep them a good distance away throughout.

With much encouragement from Pete Langley to ‘keep breathing’, and the pressure of having a cycling photographer (Jeremy) alongside us for the entire race, we made it through to the end.

Being away from the river Cam since graduating somehow makes it seem much longer when you return, but despite the pain of the final few corners and the everlasting first post reach, we all enjoyed the race.

The row back was very tidy, with a bit of show-boat rowing for the disappointingly deserted boathouses. An added bonus at the end of a long morning’s rowing was not having to take the boat out – thanks to the current Sidney W1 for being ready and waiting! A crew meal in the Fort St George after watching LPBC M1 go off was much deserved.

Our time of 17:11 put us at the dizzy heights of FIFTH amongst the senior women’s VIIIs, so well done to the LPBC women!

Special thanks must go to Kate Harrison for rowing with us at short notice and Aimee Muirhead for coxing/putting up with us.

LPBC M1 – Fairbairns 2012

Posted: Tuesday 04 December 2012, 12:56PM by Tash Scott


The Sidney Alumni men spent their lunchtime on Friday 30th November racing in the Fairbairns Cup.

Their start was decidedly steady – I think most of the large support crowd on the Sidney hard missed it – but the race was a tidy one. The crew, which was made up of alumni spanning the decades, enjoyed the row and looked the part in their matching LPBC Fairbairns t-shirts. Joe, although struggling with the concept of putting a t-shirt on, re-learned how to feather on strokeside - always a great transferable skill to have.

A traditional drink of whisky helped keep them warm and in good spirits at the lock, with the row back and the results still to look forward to.
The final result of 16:54 put LPBC men fairly low in their division, but in reverse fortunes to the women, they found themselves with much less of a stream than the rest of the men who had raced earlier.

Taking this into account it’s a great result and a good target set for next year’s crew to beat.

Many thanks go to Alex Bathurst for coxing, and Mike Marsh for organising the event.

The Zozzies....Novice Term so far....

Posted: Tuesday 20 November 2012, 12:16PM by Sarah Robinson


This term I have had the pleasure of coaching the Zozzies and this is their progress so far.

Queens Ergs, the night the Zozzies came together as a boat! Soaking up the incredible atmosphere everyone took to screaming at their crew mates to “push harder”. It was an epic performance with everyone producing a new 500m personal best to finish 6th in the division overall! Woohoo!

Emma Sprints, possibly the most fun we’ve had all term! Dressed as “Where’s Wally” the girls had a solid row up to the start line where they sat poised itching to show their opponent exactly what Sidney can do. The start was amazing!!! The opposition were indeed left thinking “Where’s Wally” as Sidney stormed ahead. Unfortunately carnage ensued eventually leading to our disqualification, I’ll not go into the details but we did cross the finish line rowing all 8 which is more than I can say for our opponent. Still buzzing from the previous race the girls sat patiently waiting for their next opponent to show, who had for some reason rowed all the way to the lough! This time the Zozzies kept their cool and gave Emma W3 a proper race. We did lose in the end but not without a fight.

The Zozzies have had an excellent novice term. From crashing into the bank every two strokes at the beginning to churning out two fabulous performances at Queens Ergs and Emma Sprints, they’ve done Sidney proud.

WNA at Queens' ergs

Posted: Thursday 15 November 2012, 10:54PM by Lois Overvoorde


Autumn Head

Posted: Friday 19 October 2012, 2:49PM by Daniel Worrall


Good luck to W1 tomorrow in the Rob Roy Autumn Head, who will be the first boat to race this year!

175th Anniversary Dinner -- Tickets still available

Posted: Saturday 13 October 2012, 12:12PM by Daniel Worrall


Attention all alumni:

With just 3 weeks to go before the 175th ANNIVERSARY DINNER now is the time to buy your tickets!!

Featured will be a four-course first class dinner, pre- and post-drinks, light entertainment, auctions and much much more. Gather your old boats and college buddies and BUY YOUR TICKET NOW. You won't want to miss this one out!

Time: 6.30pm
Date: Saturday, 3rd November
Place: Knox Shaw Room, Sidney Sussex College
Dress code: Black tie (boat club blazers preferable)

Edited on Sat, 13th Oct 12 by Daniel Worrall


Welcome Freshers!

Posted: Sunday 07 October 2012, 10:32PM by Lois Overvoorde


Hi freshers,

Welcome to Sidney! Rowing is one of the most popular sports in Cambridge, with almost everyone trying it at some point in their time here. It’s also a great way to make some great friends, stay fit, and have a load of fun! At Sidney we’re really committed to being as inclusive and friendly as possible, so whether you’re a keen and competitive schoolboy rower or if you’ve never rowed before (most of us hadn’t when we arrived!) and just want a refreshing break from the daily work grind, we have a boat for you! Freshers’ rowing is great fun, and not too intense – you’ll be learning to row in a boat with like-minded people about three times a week (two water sessions and some land training), and even get the chance to participate in some competitions!

If you want to find out more just drop Sam and me an email at mens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk or email Sarah at womens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk . See you on the water!

Boatie love,

SSBC. (By far the greatest boat club the world has ever seen).

SSBCOnline YouTube Channel

Posted: Saturday 06 October 2012, 3:32PM by Lois Overvoorde


You can now watch Sidney rowers in all their glory on our new YouTube channel.
You can get to this by going to Gallery -> Videos in the side menu on the website, going directly to http://www.youtube.com/user/SSBCOnline or clicking below for an epic montage of the men last year.

Edited on Sat, 6th Oct 12 by Lois Overvoorde

Sidney Men 2012

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