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Tash takes on the London Marathon

Posted: Monday 22 April 2013, 11:14PM by Sarah Robinson


Congratulations to Tom Ash, current W1 cox, for completing the London Marathon on Sunday in an incredible time of 3hours 58minutes! The W1 ladies can't complain about 2k pain now. Please click on the link below and lets show our support to a committed member of SSBC for his fundraising efforts and help him towards his target for the PSP Association. Any donation will be much appreciated by Tom.

Edited on Mon, 22nd Apr 13 by Sarah Robinson


M2 Lent Bumps

Posted: Friday 08 March 2013, 4:39PM by David Woods


After a late scratching, M2 were excited to hear on the eve of Day 1 of Lent bumps that all those frosty morning outings were worth it and we had secured the coveted last spot in the last division. Hungry to show we deserved to be there, we burst off the bung and took a length off Churchill very early - assisted to some extent by the fact their coach forgot to push them off.
Regardless, a bump is a bump! Churchill were nowhere to be seen on Day 2 as we had a gallant row-over. Day 3 saw Churchill stick with us but through numerous questionable whistles we held them off for another row-over. After a restless night full of dreams of slamming into FaT, we were woken on Day 4 to the devastating news that our
trusty Scot in 5th seat had come down with a crippling case of food poisoning. Thankfully he was replaced last minute by a similarly trusty
Aussie just back from the deserts of Sudan. This time Churchill was
determined to pip us and for a long stretch it looked like they had us
covered but a gritty, gutsy and determined M2 showed spirit and fight to
pull away as we approached the reach.
An undefeated bumps campaign that the crew can be very proud of.

Edited on Fri, 8th Mar 13 by David Woods

W1-Lent Bumps Days 3&4

Posted: Saturday 02 March 2013, 4:43PM by Sarah Robinson


Day 3 was W1's opportunity to get revenge on Homerton. With a sharp row-up to the start we prepared to chase them right down to the finish line! However we were too evenly matched and we held them at station distance for the whole race. It was a gutsy row over at the very least.

We approached the last day with the same attitude...it was all or nothing. The start was easily the best start we have ever done but to our surprise we were quickly being caught up on by a very fast Christs crew. We kept it calm and tried to push off them as best we could but they were just too fast and did catch us.

Lent Bumps didn't go quite as planned but that is just the nature of bumps. W1 have been absolutely super this term and we're all looking forward to Mays!!

W2-Lent Bumps Days 3&4

Posted: Saturday 02 March 2013, 4:31PM by Sarah Robinson


After a day resting, W2 came back fighting and determined to catch Clare Hall. They were doing just that, getting a whistle on Clare Hall soon after the start only to be bumped by Homerton II on grassy.

Once again they didn't let their spirits drop. Their mantra for the last day was "do or die, no regrets!" After a pick up on the reach they left Emma III trailing in the distance. A solid row over, emptying out right at the end, ensured that W2 did not get those dreaded spoons.

Well done for W2 for giving it everything and rowing everyday with a positive attitude! Now for May Bumps!!

W1-Lent Bumps Day 2

Posted: Thursday 28 February 2013, 11:24PM by Sarah Robinson


With the full crew back to rowing, W1 arrived at the boat house today completely driven and thinking of nothing else but bumping Robinson and we did exactly that. With a fast start we were soon getting the whistle on them. Keeping composed we pushed on finally getting overlap on the plough reach. When the bump came on the last corner it happened so fast half the crew didn't realise it had happened until we were being yelled at to hold it up! Needless to say it was exhilarating and now we have the opportunity to get our revenge on Homerton! Bring on tomorrow!!

W2-Lent Bumps Days 1&2

Posted: Wednesday 27 February 2013, 9:23PM by Sarah Robinson


After a stellar performance during the gettings-on race W2 arrived at the boat house yesterday filled with excitement for the first day of Bumps. The row up to the start position was solid but nerves began to show once the canon went off. With a jittery start W2 were eventually bumped by a very fast Murray Edwards II. However, their positive spirit was not dampened and were determined to bump back today. It proved to be a more exciting race. They held Murray Edwards at station distance but with Clare Hall closing in the focus moved to pulling away from the crew chasing them. Then luck turned against W2, with a wide line around grassy corner Clare Hall just managed to get the bump on Sidney before being ploughed into by Homerton II. An unlucky start but with two races left W2 can still turn it round....it isn't over yet!

W1-Lent Bumps Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 27 February 2013, 11:52AM by Sarah Robinson


W1 have had an unfortunate start to their Lent Bumps with three members of the crew struck down by illness. Regardless we were determined to row on and try and get that bump on Emma II. It was a valient effort. We had a great start leaving Robinson miles behind and holding Emma at 1+1/2 lengths for much of the race. However, Homerton I put in a mammoth row and reeled us in finally catching us in the last few 100m of the race.

We may have been overbumped but now we are more determined than ever to put things right and climb that bumps chart. With the girls on strict rest today we will be back at full strength tomorrow...and Robinson had better watch out!

Finally a massive thank-you to Isabelle Kamenou, Emma Moffatt and Camille Lardy for stepping up and subbing in...they gave it everything.

M1 - Lent Bumps 2013 Day 1

Posted: Tuesday 26 February 2013, 9:28PM by David Heywood


In full pelt

The crew meal last night was filled with talk of how the 2013 lent bumps campaign may progress and everyone was focused on the task at hand when we arrived at the boathouse this afternoon.

On pushing out for the start, three seat’s blade became wedged on the edge of the bank and the bank party only just managed to wrestle it free with three seconds to spare before the starting cannon. After a few draw strokes, taken by the members of the crew who were able to, the boat soon found its rhythm and managed to only suffer a half a length to Jesus M2 off the start. Jesus tried to seize this advantage and were well within a canvas of us by Grassy. Some excellent coxing and good crew pushes ensured that Jesus were never able to convert their overlap (which they gained several times) into a bump and by the middle of the reach they suffered as M1 showed their spirit and pushed them out to half a length off us which was maintained to the finish.

A great gutsy row from all involved and, after a well earned day-off tomorrow, we look forward to the challenge of catching LMBC 2 on Thursday.

Edited on Tue, 26th Feb 13 by Daniel Worrall

Ernst and Young Quiz Night

Posted: Friday 15 February 2013, 12:53PM by Sarah Robinson


Full turn out for the quiz

Report by Kate Harrison

The Boat club’s sponsors Ernst and Young held a pub quiz on Monday night in the bar for all members of the college. It was a great success with every spare seat being taken in the bar and with 10 teams taking part. Everyone (mentioning no names) showed willing by making use of the bar tab down to the last penny!

A big thanks to Ernst and Young for a great night and we look forward to holding an event with them again soon!

Edited on Fri, 15th Feb 13 by Sarah Robinson

W1 goes to Bedford

Posted: Thursday 14 February 2013, 1:35PM by Sarah Robinson


(Picture courtesy of Kate Harrison, depicting W1 breaking the world record at Bedford Head)

Report by Kate "Harribo" Harrison

On a cold and wet Sunday morning, W1 eagerly awoke, having set their alarms to 6.30, to go and race at Bedford head. They could barely contain their excitement, yet all was not to go as straight forwardly as they had imagined...

On arriving at Bedford the boat club incurred its’ first near fatality of the day, as Daniel Worrall stepped out of the coach only to be immediately hit by a car. This very much set the tone for the day. Jokes aside, we hope you get better soon Dan; but the paramedic assured us he would live and that it was just a bruised knee cap, painful but no need to amputate. However, this did mean that W1’s Robinio (Sarah Robinson) had to sub at bow for the M1 crew, helping them secure one of their best times over 2K this term. Well done M1 for a hearty performance and Sarah for reducing her 2k PB by roughly a minute.

After having set up camp in a charming pub for 5 hours, with a steady flow of hot chocolate and chips, W1 shook off their slumberous mood and fought the elements to put their boat together (which went more successfully than trying to put it together back at Sidney, after half an hour realising that we couldn’t put two halves of a men’s and women’s eight together). The row up to the start begun shakily but once we regained our ‘battle paddle’, you wouldn’t be laughed at for mistaking us for the GB woman’s eight. Our start was very strong and quick and we were settling into a nice rhythm when at 250m and under a very narrow bridge I heard a very loud ‘OW’ from our bow Becca as the stroke blade of the boat in front hit her in the back. This was the sign our cox Tom had been waiting for to tell him it was indeed too narrow to overtake under the bridge. Unfortunately this meant we had to easy there and restart, damaging our ultimate time and rhythm. None the less we rowed a strong middle section of the race before losing our composure at around 500m to go. Despite this, we ended up with a very respectable time of 8.09s over 2K, so well done girls! The conditions were very cold and wet, and with so much waiting around both Sidney boats put in strong performances.

Many thanks to Tasha Scott for finding us a sub from Birmingham rowing club, Hannah, who was fantastic, and also to Laura Duncalfe for subbing in from W2!

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