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Champs Head - M1

Posted: Monday 26 May 2008, 8:41PM by Lisa Meegan


M1's report by Michael Marsh

4:42.6 - 2nd in Division 2, 11th overall

Before the race began we knew we had to put down a good result. We'd been training well and knew we were quite fast, but a lot of the crews around us in bumps had also entered so we wanted to see quite how fast... We were pleasantly surprised - not crew behind us in bumps posting a faster time.

The row down was a bit nervous, a few wobbly strokes here and there, but by and large very good. Our first practice start under the railway bridge was strong and, despite a bit of a shaky second practice start in front of the Plough, we were confident.

Our racing start was not the best we've ever done, but the rating came up well on the wind, allowing us to settle nicely into our rythm. A big push through Ditton corner helped keep the rating and boat speed up and a push out saw us surge up the first part of the reach.

The boat was nicely sat and we were holding our rating well. Down the middle part of the reach we began to lose a bit of cover, but a large middle-four push brought the boat speed back up again. We were racing strongly, each stroke with plenty of length, something we'd been working on quite a lot in training.

The rating dipped slightly under the Railway Bridge, but an up two call and another big power 10 from under it saw the rating jump up once again. This left us with the longest part of any race, the push for the finish. Everyone was tired, things got a little scrappy, but we held it together well and crossed the line 22 seconds better than Sidney's previous best time in this event.

Champs Head - W2

Posted: Thursday 22 May 2008, 10:49AM by Sarah Parks


W2's report by Sarah Parks

5.49.6 - 1st in women's lower division, 23rd women's boat overall

Keen to continue our success from last term, nerves were high. Paddling up the balance wasn't fantastic and our first practice start wasn't very in time, but Rob kept us together and things seemed to improve as we got to the motorway bridge, span and waited.

After a rather long wait and a lot of tapping exercises we finally got going. We had a pretty good start and had a lot of momentum going round Ditton Corner. The boat was well sat and we had a very tidy row but the power seemed to drop off a bit. Pushes down the reach didn't have a great effect on boat speed but we kept our rating of 32 and made it to the Railway Bridge where we had an up two which sped the boat up for the final stretch to the line.

Pleased with the tidy row we made our way home to the prize giving to see how we had done. We were hoping to get a good result, as we had beaten most of the boats in our division last term, and were pleasantly surprised to discover we had won our division, and beaten some college first boats. We celebrated with beer from our new tankards!

Edited on Mon, 26th May 08 by Lisa Meegan

Champs Head - Results

Posted: Sunday 18 May 2008, 6:14PM by Lisa Meegan


Well done to all the Sidney crews in Champs Head today, everyone did fantastically. In particular, congratulations to W2, who won the Women's Lower division and M1, second in the M2 division (losing out to LMBC 2 by just four seconds).

Also, well done to Rob Waddingham, cox of W2, who was awarded a coxing prize for the fourth best racing line around Ditton corner.

Full results can be found here.

Edited on Mon, 26th May 08 by Lisa Meegan

Champs Head - tomorrow

Posted: Saturday 17 May 2008, 10:47PM by Lisa Meegan


Tomorrow (Sunday 18th) SSBC has 6 crews rowing in Champs Head, a 1450m race from the Plough to the P&E. If anyone not rowing fancies a break from revision, I'm sure the crews would love to see a few supporters on the towpath. Our crews are rowing at the following times:

12pm - M3 and W3
1:30pm - M1 and W1
3pm - M2 and W2

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Edited on Sat, 17th May 08 by Lisa Meegan

Site Goes Public!

Posted: Thursday 15 May 2008, 6:51PM by Tom Medley


RSS feed icon

The SSBC site is now public. There still may be a few errors to iron out so have a look around the site (have a look around anyway!). You can subscribe to the RSS feed of this page to get notifications of updates straight to your feed-reader.


Posted: Tuesday 06 May 2008, 8:52AM by Tom Medley


The Forum, Bangalore

Users can now access the new forum system when they log in. The events system is now fully up and running. Pending approval and some extra information, the site should be live soon.


The Forum

New Site!

Posted: Saturday 12 April 2008, 10:15AM by Tom Medley


The SSBC Flag

Welcome to the new SSBC site! Please have a good look around! Keep up to date here with news and forthcoming events, as well as race reports and photos. Over the next few weeks the site will become fully operational, which, amongst other things, will allow members of SSBC to post their own news and photos to the site.

Currently only testers can log in, but once the members-only site has been fully certified as fit for human consumption, all current members of SSBC will be receiving emails with their log-in details.

Edited on Tue, 22nd Apr 08 by Tom Medley

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