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W3 - Day 1

Posted: Thursday 12 June 2008, 10:12AM by Lisa Meegan


Bumped by Clare III

Losing Rachel to W2 meant Sophie B and Dan were the only members of the crew with bumps experience, so the girls were understandably nervous. Jesus IV and Clare III behind had both come through the Getting on Race, so we knew things would be pretty tight.

A good start kept the girls on station with both crews, and a Clare III crab just before the motorway bridge opened up an extra length behind us. Spurred on by the shouts from W2 (who for once had had to row past the motorway bridge for their bump!), the girls pushed on into the corners. Clare III were inching closer, and coming into Grassy there was only about half a length between the boats.

For a moment it looked as though we might claim a bump on Jesus, who took such a wide line into Grassy they were lucky not to hit the outside bank, but coming into Plough Reach Clare III found the overlap and Dan was soon forced to concede the bump.

A disappointing end to a first bumps race for most of the crew, but it was a gutsy performance and the girls held Clare well for quite a long time. Hopefully we can look forward to success later in the week.

May Bumps 2008 - M2 Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 11 June 2008, 10:40PM by James Gill



Race 1 - Division 5

Bumped Christ's III

The performance of M2 over the last couple of years has been somewhat less than stella: we knew that we were in with at least half a chance of doing well on the first day.

As we rowed up to the starting point we did two practice starts, which were pretty tidy. Naturally we were somewhat nervous sitting at the start, however we did our best to compose ourselves as the one minute gun went and the counting down begun. Bill pushed us out and we came forward to front-stops.

The draws and the winds of the start were relatively good and within what seemed like only a very few stroke we heard the sound of Bill blowing the first whistle - we had started to gain a significant amount of ground on Christ's III. After we passed First Post Corner we the stroke rate rose from a reasonably sustainable 34 strokes per minute to an unsustainable 37 strokes per minute. However, we did manage to rectify this with a call to lengthen out our strokes more.

After we had rounded Grassy Corner we came within half a boat length of Christ's. As we came around Ditton Corner we drew closer and closer to Christ's and managed to obtain the required overlap. Eight kill strokes later we obtained M2's first May Bumps bump for the last couple of years.

Since Christs III were at the top of the fifth men's division we now took that spot which meant that we were the sandwich boat and thus had to race again in about an hour and a half's time. Somewhat elated, if rather exhausted, we paddled down to the P & E and spent our free time wondering around and discussing race tactics.

Race 2 - Division 4

Rowed over

Rowing up to the start we were hopeful that we would be able to bump Clare Hall I, who were in front of us. Our start in this race was not as good as it had been in the first race however by wind strokes we had got it together. We pushed hard, however we were unable to take ground off of Clare Hall. Unfortunately as we neared the end of Plough Reach we lost a seat, which in turn caused us to catch a crab. However, by this time the day's earlier race was beginning to tell on us and we were beginning to slow down. Once we got half way down the reach we decided to drop the rating and gently finish the course, in order to conserve energy for tomorrow.

This leaves us in the position of starting tomorrow as the sandwich boat and needing to row over at the top of the fifth division to get a better chance at bumping Clare Hall. Despite the slight disappointment at rowing over in the fourth division we were very pleased with our bump on Christ's III.

Edited on Thu, 12th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

Edited on Thu, 12th Jun 08 by James Gill

May Bumps - M3

Posted: Wednesday 11 June 2008, 10:23PM by Jeremy Coulon


At long last, we all (even Peter) revealed our wonderful all-in-ones, instantly making the rest of the boat club hugely jealous. We had a marvelous row down, with some splendid weather, and anxiously counted down the minutes until the final gun.

After a slightly suspect start, during which Queens M4, the boat in front of us, gained about half a length, we lengthened well, and settled into our rhythm. We were slowly catching them up, as whistles where being blown all over the place. A cheeky glance over my shoulder confirmed that they were within spitting distance, and a few agonising seconds later it was all over - all our hard work over the term had been worthwhile.

Brilliant job gentlemen!

Edited on Thu, 12th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

PicLens Support Added

Posted: Wednesday 11 June 2008, 7:44PM by Tom Medley


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May Bumps

Posted: Tuesday 10 June 2008, 12:32PM by Mike Marsh


Well done to W3 for getting on, and unlucky M4 for just missing out.

This year's May Bumps look very promising for SSBC, everyone ought to be looking to do well.

The times of our crews' races during the week are as follows (the Saturday
races are 2 hours earlier):

1:00pm - 2nd and 3rd women's boats
1:45pm - 2nd and 3rd men's boats
5:30pm - 1st women's boat
6:15pm - 1st men's boat

The 2nd men are looking like they may be able to move up a division, in
which case they'd be racing at 3:15pm (1:15pm on Saturday).

Good luck to everyone involved, and we'd be delighted if as many people as possible came down to the river to cheer us on!

W1 unlucky in Peterborough

Posted: Sunday 08 June 2008, 11:59AM by Lisa Meegan


At yesterday's Peterborough Regatta, W1 were unlucky to come away empty-handed, losing out to City of Cambridge in the final by just 3 seconds.

After winning our heat by a length, and producing the fastest time of all qualifiers, we went into the final nervous but hoping for a win. Unfortunately, City were faster off the start, and although we took a little off them and really made them work for it, we couldn't quite pull back the half a length we'd lost.

It was, however, still a great day out, particularly as this was the first time we'd competed in a multi-lane regatta.

Getting on Race - W3

Posted: Sunday 08 June 2008, 11:52AM by Lisa Meegan


Paddling to the start the girls were all nervous, but were looking very professional in their new zephyrs. On arrival at the lock, Rachel D pointed out that even if they didn’t get on, they were at least much fitter than the surrounding crews! Seeing the crews ahead getting ready to go off, late arrival Dan decided it was about time he got into the cox seat, only to discover that the cox box was capable of nothing more than a bit of noisy static. Amidst mass panic, Chris H managed to fix it, but Dan decided to move it around, switch it off and on and break it again…about 3 times. Dan’s suggestion that he could abandon the rudder and just hold the wire in position during the race didn’t go down too well as the girls seemed keen to actually make it around all of the corners, and in the end Chris managed to get the cox box working just in the nick of time.

We were soon underway, and things looked a little worrying at first when we seemed to be heading straight for the bank, but Dan soon pulled the boat straight again. The girls looked pretty speedy heading towards first post, but lost a bit of momentum around the corner. An immense push for ten lifted the boat speed massively, and further pushes out of Grassy and Ditton kept things moving nicely.

Coming into the reach, the girls looked exhausted, but with encouragement from their somewhat excessive bank party they produced another huge push into the last quarter of the race. As they approached the finish the girls put absolutely everything into it, and by the time they crossed the line they’d definitely proved just how much they wanted that place on the bumps chart.

Back at the boat house, somebody decided it would be prudent to throw Dan in the river, just in case they didn’t get another opportunity during bumps. Hard luck Dan – looks like you’ll be going in again on Saturday!

This Mays will be only the second time in well over a decade that Sidney has had a third women’s VIII on the bumps chart. Well done girls, and good luck!

Edited on Sun, 8th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

Getting on Race Results

Posted: Friday 06 June 2008, 10:44PM by Lisa Meegan


Congratulations to W3, who secured a place on the bumps chart after an excellent row in the Getting on Race today!

Unfortunately, M4 did not get on but still did extremely well considering half of the crew were novices this term. Hopefully they've still enjoyed this term's training and will continue to row for Sidney in the future.

Getting on Race

Posted: Thursday 05 June 2008, 8:28AM by Lisa Meegan


Good luck to W3 and M4 in the Getting on Race tomorrow! For those of you not rowing, make sure you get down to the river to cheer them on. The race is 5:30pm, from the motorway bridge to just before the railway bridge.

Also, congratulations to W2 who were awarded a place automatically due to crews scratching.

Champs Head - M3

Posted: Monday 26 May 2008, 8:43PM by Lisa Meegan


M3's report by Jeremy Coulon

Time - 5:34.9

Having trained harder than any Easter Term M3 in living memory, our first race experience of the term went reasonably well. We were a little further away from M2 in the results than we’d have perhaps liked (being 15 seconds slower than them), but nonetheless came away feeling reasonably proud of our result, especially after the unfounded rumours that we’d only beaten W2 by five seconds turned out to be false.

After waiting around for absolutely ages on First Post Reach, we finally made our way down to the Plough. Since we hadn’t yet practiced race starts we simply “up 2”ed every stroke until we felt like we were at a vaguely acceptable speed, and then tried to keep it there for the next 1450 metres – five and a half minutes, and several push-for-10s later, we were finished, if somewhat exhausted.

It felt as though we’d kept the power down pretty well throughout the whole race – certainly better than our previous outing when our last piece down the Reach ended up being a bit slow – and we were rewarded with an acceptable time, having beaten Madgalene M3 in the division above, and being a mere two second behind Churchill M3, who are two divisions above us in bumps. Having now practiced race starts, and achieved a speed almost 3 mph faster than we achieved with our “up 2” start, I’m certain that we could beat them if we were to race the course again.

Good job M3!

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