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W1 - Day 3

Posted: Monday 16 June 2008, 5:38PM by Lisa Meegan


Rowed over

Having been denied our chance of a second chance at Caius II and an easy bump by Downing II's overbump, we knew things would be more difficult than we'd first hoped. Behind us, Girton II, Caius II and Corpus vanished quickly into a chaotic three-boat-sandwich, so with no threat against us we were hoping to make an impression on Downing II ahead.

We were rowing well, but unfortunately couldn't quite find the edge we needed to make up the ground between us and Downing. At times they moved a little ahead, and at times we moved to within station, but we never quite managed to get the whistle we were hoping to hear.

M3 - Day 4

Posted: Sunday 15 June 2008, 9:04AM by Jeremy Coulon


Rowed over

With the huge crowds cheering us on we made our way down to the lock for the final time. We knew the boats behind us would almost certainly all bump out, so had nothing to lose - the only trouble being that Jesus M5, who were two in front of us, were on for spoons, so we feared they might be caught before we could catch Fitz M3.

We pushed hard off the start, and gave it everything we had, but when we eventually managed to get a whistle Fitz pushed off us very well, and we ended up pretty much chasing them down the course on station with them. A most impressive performance from them, and from Jesus M5 who managed to row over in front of them - it was clear that Fitz had been very unlucky to get bumped on the first two days.

As for M3 - we finished the May Bumps up 2, which was the best a men's boat had done for several years (the last time a boat did better was, I think, M3 in 2002 when they got blades). We certainly did ourselves proud over the course of the four days - M3, it was an absolute pleasure rowing with you guys this term.

Many thanks to the people who bank-partied us, especially our wonderful coach Nick Porter!

W2 - Day 3

Posted: Saturday 14 June 2008, 12:04AM by Lisa Meegan


What can I say - W2 bumped Girton III in less strokes than the number of words in this race report!!!

M2 - Day 3

Posted: Friday 13 June 2008, 11:19PM by James Gill


Another day, another two races...

Arriving at the boathouse we mused over the fact that as a result of being sandwich boat we had already rowed four races - the equivalent of what one boat usually rows in the whole of a bumps week! We knew what we had to do - our first target was to row over in front of Christ's III at the top of division 5 and then have a shot at Churchill III at the bottom of the fourth division.

Race 1 - Division 5

Rowed over

Our start was a lot better than the start we had managed the previous day which was at least partly a function of the fact that we had a cox box which worked from the start. For most of the race we were able to hold Christ's III two lengths or so off us, which has helped by some good cornering. However, as we came under the railway bridge and started to near the finish they gained some ground on us, however we held out to complete a hard, but satisfying row over. This left us with, once more, the opportunity to attempt to bump into the fourth division and remove ourselves from the unenviable position of sandwich boat.

Race 2 - Division 4

Bumped Churchill III

We knew that we had a chance in this race - Clare Hall I were no longer in front of us and we were chasing Churchill III. However, we were still recovering from our race earlier in the day so it was going to be far from easy. We put in a good start and after a short while we received our first whistle - we were gaining on Churchill III. This gave us heart and we continued to push and in time received both our second and third sets of whistles. Aided by an excellent line around Grassy Corner we were able to bump Churchill III on Plough Reach, just before the pub.

This means that we are no longer the sandwich boat and therefore only have to row once tomorrow, in the fourth division. All in all it was a very successful, productive and satisfying day for M2. Well done chaps!

Edited on Fri, 13th Jun 08 by James Gill

M3 - Day 3

Posted: Friday 13 June 2008, 4:55PM by Jeremy Coulon


Bumped LMBC M5

We paddled down to the lock knowing that today would be the most important day of all - either we'd get LMBC M5, and go up two or three, or we'd get bumped by Emma M4 and end up staying level if not dropping by one overall. We had the pleasure of passing the Master on First Post Reach, who wished us well for the coming race.

Our start was the best we've ever done, and the powerful Emma M4 boat behind us never gained at all (despite their confidence while we were marshalled at Chesterton - they had previously been on for blades). LMBC did well too, and we didn't gain on them much until we got to the motorway bridge, when we started to reel them in. We finally got them right by First Post corner, but they continued on to the outside corner leaving us nowhere to go but the inside corner, thereby unfortunately holding Emma up somewhat.

It was absolutely fantastic - a great moment. We capped it off by having to row 'three strokes to arms away' on the way home behind Fitzwilliam M3, whom we're chasing tomorrow.. Fingers crossed!

Well done to all the other Sidney boats who've bumped up today, especially the fantastic M2 who managed to secure a place in the fourth division with an absolutely stunning row!

Edited on Sat, 14th Jun 08 by Jeremy Coulon

Edited on Sat, 14th Jun 08 by Jeremy Coulon

W1 - Day 2

Posted: Friday 13 June 2008, 10:06AM by Lisa Meegan


Bumped Girton II

After yesterday's frustration, we were looking forward to our chance at revenge on Girton II. The start wasn't our best, but we were soon making up ground on them. By the time we'd reached our stride, we were gaining quickly, and although we never really settled into a comfortable rhythm, there wasn't really the time or the need to. Things got a little scrappy under the motorway bridge where the wash was especially bad, but by then we had overlap and the bump was ours.

We pulled in just through the bridge to celebrate, collected our greenery and amused the motorway bridge photographer with a quick moose impression before a proud row home.

Sadly Downing II, who had started behind us, went on to overbump a tiring Caius II, denying us a second chance to bump them today. Downing II will prove harder to get, but we know we're capable and we hope to go out and prove ourselves today.

W2 - Day 2

Posted: Friday 13 June 2008, 9:57AM by Lisa Meegan


Rowed over

Thanks to inside information from boathouse neighbours Girton, the girls were well aware that they'd have little more than 20 strokes to go at Kings II before they claimed the bump on Girton III. A quick start was definitely needed, but I doubt anyone could have produced a start quick enough - thanks to a crab, Girton covered more distance towards the bank than forwards before they were bumped, not even making the motorway bridge from the station immediately before it!

Now at the head of the division, the girls were facing a frustrating row over. Behind, Downing III were soon battling to hold off Jesus IV, and by Plough Reach the river had cleared behind our women. They took it down on the Reach, and after a relatively easy row home will be looking forward to their chance at revenge on Girton III today.

M3 - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 12 June 2008, 11:52PM by Jeremy Coulon


With decidedly less clement weather today, we paddled down to the lock, putting in a few good practice starts along the way. We were buoyed by the success of the day before, and eagerly awaited the start.

Queen's M4 caught us a little bit on the start, but as soon as we started lengthening out our strokes we started to pull away from them, and it wasn't long before they were bumped by a strong Emma M4. Unfortunately we were chasing an exceptionally good St. Edmund's M2, containing five of their M1 rowers from last term (due to the ridiculous number of blues rowers now propping up their M1). They didn't get away from us that quickly, but nonetheless their power and experience got the better of us, and they ended up double-overbumping LMBC V, while we had to be content with our rowover (completely obliterating the LMBC VI boat behind Emma, who were nowhere to be seen when we finished - they were probably almost 30 boat lengths behind us).

Edited on Fri, 13th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

M2 - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 12 June 2008, 7:26PM by James Gill


Race 1 - Division 5

Rowed over

Our aim in this race was to maintain our position at the head of the division, which would mean rowing over. Although we had added confidence derived from our success in bumping Christ's III yesterday we still knew that we would have to row a solid race in order to hold them off for the whole course.

Some cox box problems at the start meant that our start was not as solid as it had been yesterday. Whereas we had gained on Christ's III on the start yesterday we lost about half a length to them off the start. However the problem with the cox box soon resolved itself and were once more able to hear our cox clearly. We managed to get things back together and start to push off from Christ's. Although they did sometimes get to about a length away from us and we rounded corners we were able to push away from them and maintained a good gap between the boats all the way to the finish line.

Although it was a a hard row over, it was also a good one. We rowed together well and maintained a steady and sustainable rating. Importantly we showed that we have the stamina to last a row over whilst being constantly chased by another boat. This did, once more, leave us in the position of being the sandwich boat and thus having to race again at the bottom of the fourth division.

Race 2 - Division 4

Rowed over

In this second race of the day we aimed, once more, to catch Clare Hall I. We knew that it would be no easy feat, given that we had already rowed one hard race that afternoon. We pushed as hard as we could off of the start in the hope that we would be able to catch them. However we were not able to make up the requisite ground and Clare Hall I succeeded in bumping Churchill III. Given that there were no further boats in front who we could hope to bump we reduced the rating in order to conserve energy for tomorrow when we'll be aiming to row over at the top of the fifth division once more and then attempt to bump Churchill III in the fourth.

Edited on Fri, 13th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

W1 - Day 1

Posted: Thursday 12 June 2008, 11:59AM by Sarah Wood


Rowed over

After a tidy row down to the start, nerves in the boat were running high. We knew that Caius II were likely to bump out in front of us unless we could catch them quickly, and they obviously knew that too, since they put everything into the first stretch of the race and then were about to die on the point of catching Girton II. We were half a length off them when they bumped out, so had to stop, wait, and wind up to race pace again for the row over.

Although we would have preferred a bump, we did quite well, the row over felt fairly nice and obviously the support from Sidneyites scattered along the bank helped massively. W1 can be expected to do well over the next few days, and any support is appreciated.

Edited on Fri, 13th Jun 08 by Lisa Meegan

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