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Clare Novices & Fairbairns - WNA

Posted: Tuesday 30 December 2008, 9:11PM by Lisa Meegan


The other weekend saw the WNA crew head down the river for their first race of term. Although nervous, the crew were excited and determined to enjoy the regatta. They had been drawn against Jesus Novice A who were looking quite intimidating in their lycra. The girls set off well, not allowing Jesus to get a strong lead off the start line, unfortunately the Jesus crew kept veering to our side of the river and impeding the crew causing us to catch a crab or two. Although Jesus had pulled away WNA kept with them the whole way to the finish line and regained a length when Jesus caught a crab of their own 50m from the finish line. Although they could not catch Jesus before the end, the crew should be proud of their efforts; a very strong row, well done!

On the 4th December the Cam saw many Sidney novice crews competing in the big race of term; the Fairbairn Cup. Very windy conditions made marshalling a challenge for all of the novice crews and caused some delays in starting so that the crew was more than cold when they began racing! The girls produced some of their best rowing of the term, and Andrew took excellent lines around all of the corners. Their solid row earned them 36th place out of 58 and the title of the fastest Sidney women's novice crew! An excellent way to round off the term!

Race Report by Beth Parker

Edited on Tue, 30th Dec 08 by Lisa Meegan

Fairbairns 2008

Posted: Sunday 21 December 2008, 11:40AM by Mike Marsh



The end of Michaelmas term ended for SSBC as it always has: with us taking part in the annual Fairbairn Cup, organised by Jesus College Boat Club to remind everyone that rowing isn’t just about having fun, it’s also about doing excessively long and miserable races in the freezing cold...

We entered 7 Novice and 6 Senior crews in this year’s competitions (although for various reasons only 10 and a half of those 13 crews actually crossed the finish line!), and were expectant of some reasonable results given our form in the races earlier in the term.

There were a lot of good performances from across the club, special credit going to the 2nd Ladies’ crew for winning their Fairbairns shield for being the fastest Ladies’ 2nd Senior VIII in the University.

Senior results:

M1 – 15:29
16th College VIII

M2 – 16:45
33rd College VIII (11th Men’s 2nd VIII)

M3 – 17:15
35th College VIII (2nd Men’s 3rd VIII)

W1 – 17:33
8th College VIII

W2 – 18:21
18th College VIII (1st Ladies’ 2nd VIII)

W3 – 15:56
14th College IV

Novice results:

Men’s Novice A

Men’s Novice B – 12:11
60th College Novice VIII

Men’s Novice C

Men’s Novice D – 12:01
55th College Novice VIII

Men’s Novice E – 12:19
64th College Novice VIII

Ladies’ Novice A – 13:11
33rd College Novice VIII

Ladies’ Novice B – 13:30
39th College Novice VIII

Well done to everyone who took part, and an even bigger well done for the excellent Boat Club Dinner! Bring on 2009 and the Bumps!

Edited on Sun, 21st Dec 08 by Joe Payton

Emma Sprints-WNB

Posted: Sunday 30 November 2008, 11:02AM by Carys Rowlands


Last weekend saw several Sidney boats competing in Emma Sprints, a small regatta along the Long Reach. Among them was women's novice B dressed as red indians! Having been told that head starts were awarded for the best fancy dress, WNB rowed to the start hopefully. No head starts were awarded but WNB had a strong start and quickly went half a length ahead of Clare Hall who caught their blades on the bank just after the start. WNB continued to row strongly and pulled away down the Long Reach to finish comfortably ahead of Clare Hall.

For the row back up the reach WNB were drawn against Fitzwilliam who unfortunately proved to be quicker off the start. Again WNB rowed well and gained on Fitz towards the railway bridge but the course proved too short for WNB to catch up.

Overall, it was a really good effort and hopefully bodes well for novice Fairbairns later this week. Well done girls.

Edited on Wed, 24th Dec 08 by Joe Payton

Winter Head 2008 - A Club On The Up!

Posted: Sunday 16 November 2008, 10:14AM by Mike Marsh


On a virtually windless (apart from Daryl's gyppy tummy and Joe's usual problems in the 7 seat...) Saturday 15th November all 6 of Sidney's senior boats took to the river to compete in the Cambridge Winter Head, racing against colleges and town clubs from Oxford and Cambridge, schoolboys, other universities and some pirates...

A lone W3 crew took part in the 2nd division, putting in a very creditable performance despite some equipment trouble. The rest of the Sidney flotilla took part in the very very late division 5.

All the crews did really well, beating a lot of colleges higher than us in the Bumps, and M1 winning their category quite comfortably:

M1 - 9:09,
14th Overall, 1st Men's Student Novice VIIIs

M2 - 10:16,
87th Overall, 15th Men's Student Novice VIIIs

M3 - 10:25,
100th Overall, 17th Men's Student Novice VIIIs

W1 - 10:33,
109th Overall, 4th Women's Student Senior VIIIs

W2 - 11:10,
146th Overall, 5th Women's Student Novice VIIIs

W3 - 12:46,
220th Overall, 17th Women's Student Novice VIIIs

Well done to everyone who took part! Race reports to follow...

Edited on Wed, 24th Dec 08 by Joe Payton

SSBC Alumni Dinner 1st November

Posted: Monday 20 October 2008, 4:55PM by Mike Marsh


The 1st November will see the oarsmen and women of SSBC's past descend on the College and on the Cam once more to re-live their college rowing days and help us raise funds for the purchase of a new women's VIII.

We have a full day's worth of activities planned:

From 2:30pm we will be running Alumni outings in one of our current 1st boats. Here there will be the opportunity to meet some of SSBC's current rowers. There will be someone at the Porters' Lodge to guide people down to the Boathouse if needed. Suitable clothing is required - there are changing facilities at the Boathouse.

At 6:30pm, in a change of the originally publicised venue, we will be holding a pre-Dinner reception in the Audit Room in the Master's Lodge. There will be a free exhibition of Boat Club memorabilia on display.

At 7:30pm we will proceed to the Four-course Dinner in the Main Hall, followed by an auction of the new boat's naming-rights, some SSBC memorabilia and other items.

Afterwards we will retire to the Knox-Shaw Room for after-dinner drinks and the chance for more socialising.

There are still some places left available for the Alumni Dinner, so if you're an old Sidney boatie and you're interested in coming, please get in touch (contact details can be found on the Committee page). Likewise, if you know of anyone else who may be interested, let them know and put them in touch.

I look forward to seeing you all on 1st November!

Michael Marsh
SSBC Captain of Boats 2008-09

Edited on Wed, 29th Oct 08 by Joe Payton

18 miles rowed and over £1000 raised!

Posted: Tuesday 14 October 2008, 8:37PM by Lisa Meegan



On 28th September two crews from SSBC successfully completed the annual CRA Sponsored Row to Ely, over a distance of approximately 18 miles.

Both crews arrived in Ely in just under 4 hours - an impressive time considering we had a long wait to go through the lock at Bottisham. The weather was ideal and it was a great day out for everyone, even if many of us finished blistered and sunburnt with various aches and pains!

In the women's VIII were be Beth Parker, Caroline Carter, Hannah Taylor, Henrietta Mair, Lisa Meegan, Sarah Day, Sarah Parks and Tasha Scott, coxed by Dave Thorn. The men's IV was Chris Hawkesford, Craig Naylor, Joe Payton and Marcus Baumann, with cox Veronica Yan.

SSBC were raising money for Sue Ryder Care after one of our members tragically lost her father to cancer over the summer. So far £1000 has been raised, but you can still donate here. SSBC also donated £120 to the organisers' official charity, Assocation for Youth with ME.

Report by Beth Parker:

We set out in brilliant sunshine, all a little apprehensive of the daunting task that lay ahead. After settling into a steady pace we soon reached Baitsbite Lock, where we had to lift the boat out of the water and carry it over the lock. This was quite challenging as there was lots of extra water in the boat and a steep and slippy bank to walk down. We set off again at a slightly lower but more sustainable rating whilst Dave sang ‘Row, row, row your boat’ to us!

As we reached Bottisham Lock we had to wait in a queue for roughly an hour before we could go through so we relaxed and enjoyed the sunshine, tending to any blisters that were beginning to form. Going through the lock was quite an exciting new experience that led us on to a part of the river that college crews are not normally allowed to row on.

We continued to row on at a steady state enjoying the nice weather and the pretty if unexciting scenery. Muscles were beginning to tire when we were about 10 miles in, but instead of pulling in like the men, we rowed past them and rolled in sixes to take on food and water. Before long Dave could see the Ely cathedral in the distance which gave us a final lift to take us into Ely.

A fantastic effort from both the mens' four and the womens' eight meant that both crews arrived within four hours of setting off which was a brilliant achievement. It was a really enjoyable day for a very worthy cause. A big thank you to everyone who has supported and sponsored us so far!

Click here to donate to Sue Ryder!

Welcome Freshers!

Posted: Saturday 04 October 2008, 2:46PM by Mike Marsh


To all new Sidney students, welcome! Thanks for visiting the Sidney Sussex Boat Club webpage.

We are the rowing club for students at Sidney and are always keen to welcome new members.

If you are new to rowing, take a look at our Novicing Page and get in touch with one of the Vice Captains for more information. If you're already an experienced boatie get in touch with either me, the Captain of Boats (for the men) or Sarah Parks, the Ladies' Captain (for the girls).

You should all have received an invitation to the Boat Club Squash, and have no doubt seen our posters around college. The Squash will be starting at 8:30pm on Monday in the Knox Shaw Room, so please come along after the Matriculation Dinner (current Boat Club members will be around to point you in the right direction).

I look forward to seeing you all around in due course - hopefully on the river!

Michael (SSBC Captain of Boats)

Edited on Sat, 4th Oct 08 by Mike Marsh

Sponsored Row to Ely

Posted: Friday 12 September 2008, 9:57PM by Lisa Meegan


On Sunday 28th September, two crews from SSBC will be taking part in the annual CRA Sponsored Row to Ely, over a distance of about 18 miles.

The money raised by SSBC will be given to Sue Ryder Care, as one of our rowers recently lost her father to cancer. To find out more and sponsor us, click here.

Learning to row with SSBC

Posted: Wednesday 03 September 2008, 11:16PM by Lisa Meegan


Learning to Row with SSBC - Fun

Coming to Sidney this October? SSBC are keen to recruit as many new members as possible and would love you to join us - it doesn't matter how much (or little) rowing experience you have. Take a look at our information for novices to find out why rowing is so popular in Cambridge and how you can get involved.

Website Updates

Posted: Wednesday 03 September 2008, 11:12PM by Tom Medley


iCal calendar updates for SSBC Events

As well as this page, you can now subscribe to the Events page via RSS. You can now automatically update your calendar with SSBC events by adding the SSBC Events Calendar link to your calendar program. Just right click and copy the iCal feed link into your calendar program.

Edited on Sat, 13th Sep 08 by Tom Medley

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