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May Bumps - Day 3

Posted: Friday 12 June 2009, 11:03PM by Lisa Meegan


A sunnier third day brought further gains for Sidney, with a total of six bumps over the course of the day's racing. Sadly M2 were bumped by a strong Anglia Ruskin crew, but they will be looking to make amends tomorrow when they are handed an opportunity to chase down the Christ's crew that just evaded them on Wednesday - this time without having to row over the whole course first! With many of the other crews well placed for the bump, tomorrow should be another succesful day for Sidney.

Full results for today were:

M1 - Bumped Corpus Christi
M2 - Bumped by Anglia Ruskin II
M3 - Bumped Pembroke IV
M4 - Bumped Girton III

W1 - Bumped Fitzwilliam
W2 - Bumped Addenbrooke's
W3 - Bumped Newnham IV

Good luck to everyone for the final day of racing tomorrow! Division times can be found below, and it would be great to see as much support as possible on the towpath!

May Bumps - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 11 June 2009, 7:16PM by Lisa Meegan


The second day of Bumps brought mixed fortunes for Sidney - success for M4 and W3 was followed by frustration for M3, W2 and W1, each denied a bump and forced to settle for the row over when the pair ahead bumped out quickly. On the plus side, these crews will all be hoping for a quick bump tomorrow. Congratulations to W3, whose overbump saw them securing a place in the fourth division, and good luck to all of the crews for tomorrow!

Full results for today were:

M1 - Rowed over
M2 - Rowed over, Rowed over
M3 - Rowed over
M4 - Bumped First and Third VI

W1 - Rowed over
W2 - Rowed over
W3 - Bumped Girton III, Overbumped King's II

W3 will now be rowing at the later time of 2:30pm, with W2. Full division times for the third day of racing are:

12:55 - Fourth Men
13:45 - Second and Third Men
14:30 - Second and Third Ladies
17:30 - First Ladies
18:15 - First Men

If the Second Men row over in their first race, they will also be rowing at 3:15pm.

M4 - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 11 June 2009, 4:13PM by Jeremy Coulon


With lots of blue sky, and some glorious sunshine, we paddled confidently down to the lock in our quest to get our first bump of the week.

The starting gun went off, and away we went. Hughes Hall again pushed hard, but after our start we were half a length off FAT VI, and were quickly closing down the remaining gap. Whistles were going off all around us, and before long Dave got us to hold it up - M4's first bump! Having started just under the motorway bridge, FAT had barely got half-way to First Post Corner before we'd caught them..

Congratulations to Hughes Hall for then pushing on and getting a double overbump on Anglia Ruskin III - well done!

May Bumps - Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 10 June 2009, 11:12PM by Lisa Meegan


A strong start to Sidney's bumps campaign saw the Club up 3 overall after the first day, with four quick bumps (three of which came before the motorway bridge). Well done to W3, M3, W2 and W1, and good luck to everyone for tomorrow. Full results for today were:

M1 - Bumped by Queens II
M2 - Rowed over at the head of Division 5, rowed over as sandwich boat
M3 - Bumped Fitzwilliam III
M4 - Rowed over (technical)

W1 - Bumped Murray Edwards
W2 - Bumped Newnham IV
W3 - Bumped Downing III

Race reports from the crews can be expected here over the coming days, and division times can be found further down the page.

M4 - Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 10 June 2009, 3:08PM by Jeremy Coulon


Technical row over

After an exceptional performance in the Getting on Race, M4 were looking forward to what would be their first Bumps race for many of them.

Due to the inconvenience of exams, and a minor injury from a triathlon, our last outing had had a couple of subs, and so with the return of all eight of us we were a little shaky to start off with, but a couple of practice starts later we were significantly better.

This showed in our impressive start, in which we managed to hold station with Hughes Hall M2. With the return of five university rowers to their M1 (and therefore five of their M1 rowers from last term presumably being demoted to M2), it was obvious they were going to be very good, and they slowly started to gain on us, while we gained on the Christ's boat in front of us.

However, before long Christ's V had caught FAT VI, and didn't clear in time for us to get past, so we had to hold it up and had to make do with a technical row-over instead of the overbump.

On the way home we then endured possibly the most torrential rain I've ever experienced, but despite being cold and very wet we were confident tomorrow will bring success!

Many thanks to our bank-party, especially our coach Jason!

May Bumps Division Times

Posted: Monday 08 June 2009, 12:54PM by Lisa Meegan


Congratulations to M4 who produced an excellent row on Friday to secure one of four available places on the Bumps chart from a strong field of twelve boats! As a result, Sidney will be fielding 7 crews in this year's May Bumps - the most we have had on the charts since 1992!

After a strong year, this year's May Bumps look very promising for SSBC, with all crews looking to do well.

The times of our races during the week are as follows (with races two hours earlier on Saturday):

12:55 - Fourth Men
13:00 - Third Ladies
13:45 - Second and Third Men
14:30 - Second Ladies
17:30 - First Ladies
18:15 - First Men

The Second Men look like they may be able to move up a division, in which case they will be racing at 15:15 (or 13:15 on Saturday). Similarly, W3 may well find themselves moving up by the end of the week, to race at the same time as the Second Ladies.

SSBC would be delighted to see as much support as possible on the river during Bumps. Good luck to everyone involved!

99s Regatta - M1

Posted: Saturday 30 May 2009, 11:57PM by Lisa Meegan


Last Sunday saw the Cam's final racing before Bumps, with 99s Regatta being held on the Reach. Exam pressures kept most of Sidney's crews away, but M1 were hoping to put in a strong performance in the Men's Second Division VIIIs.

A tough first round draw against Darwin, arguably one of the quickest college VIIIs at present (and the eventual winners) saw them beaten despite a good start and a tidy row, and they therefore moved into the Plate competition. In the semi-final they secured a comfortable win over boathouse neighbours Wolfson, opening up a two length lead, but unfortunately were just edged out in a close final against Kings M1.

Edited on Mon, 8th Jun 09 by Lisa Meegan

W2- Spring Head to Head

Posted: Tuesday 19 May 2009, 1:05PM by Sarah Parks


Spring Head to Head saw W2 in their first race of term. Having had some rather mixed training outings we were unsure what we could produce, and not particularly keen about doing two 2k races in a row.

We made our way up to the railway bridge and then spent what seemed like forever waiting in the middle of the river, trying to avoid being shouted at by the houseboat owners whose houseboats we were marshalling next to. Finally however it was time to go and we were off. Mark quickly shouted from the bank that we were 'munching up' FAT 2 but after that we just settled into a rhythm and reached the motroway bridge, tired but dissapointed that we had not rowed as well as we could.

Waiting at the lock we all decided the row home would be different and this time we were going to show FAT we could catch them. Mark arranged for a gap of about 15 lengths and we really went for it. At the plough he called 6 lengths (which was in fact 10) and that was it, we chased hard all the way down the reach, with a call of 3 lengths about half way down, and finished half a length off, shattered but extremely pleased with ourselves. We were even more excited to find out later we had beaten Jesus 2 by 1 second and had won our division.

Thank you very much to Nora and Tash for subbing in.

Champs VIIIs Head - More wins for SSBC

Posted: Sunday 17 May 2009, 10:18PM by Lisa Meegan


A third consecutive weekend saw Sidney's crews in action on the Cam, as the top four men's boats and top three women's took part in a ridiculously windy Champs VIIIs Head on Sunday 17th May. M3 and W3 kicked things off in the first division, leaving the other five crews to battle for space on a congested hard in a busy third division.

The 1450m head race from the Plough to the P&E is one of the biggest pre-bumps races of the term, with the majority of the college VIIIs taking part, and is a good opportunity for some early Bumps predictions. Strong performances across the board saw SSBC's crews comparing well with those around them in Bumps, and also brought further wins with W1 and W2 both recording the fastest times in their Bumps divisions. M2 were unlucky not to bring a third win, missing out by just 5 seconds to a strong St Edmund's crew after rowing in the windier conditions of the later divisions, and M1, M3, M4 and W3 were all placed in the top halves of their divisions.

Special congratulations also go to Veronica Yan, cox of M3, awarded a coxing prize for an excellent line around Ditton Corner.

Full results can be viewed here, and SSBC's times were:

M1 - 05:14.9
6th in Men's 2nd Division VIIIs

M2 - 05:34.4
2nd in Men's 5th Division VIIIs

M3 - 05:41.6
4th in Men's 5th Division VIIIs

M4 - 06:20.4
4th in Men's 6th Division/Getting on Race VIIIs

W1 - 06:16.3
1st in Women's 2nd Division VIIIs

W2 - 06:44.7
1st in Women's 4th Division VIIIs

W3 - 07:03.0
3rd in Women's 5th Division/Getting on Race VIIIs

Well done to everyone!

Edited on Wed, 20th May 09 by Lisa Meegan

City Sprints - Results

Posted: Sunday 10 May 2009, 10:08PM by Lisa Meegan


Sunday 10th May saw a further three Sidney crews in action, this time over a considerably shorter distance as M1, M3 and W1 took part in City Sprints, a 450m side-by-side race outside the boathouses. With glorious sunshine and healthy crowds, there was a great atmosphere, and once again some excellent performances from SSBC.

First in action were M1, rowing their semi-final against a strong Girton crew packed with university traillists. Results so far this year put Girton as one of the fastest college VIIIs, but M1 pushed them all the way to the line in a hotly contested race, unfortunately just missing out.

Next up M3 arrived at their semi-final to find their opponents, Hughes Hall M3, had not turned up, and after a strong and tidy row over, returned later for a final against Anglia Ruskin M2. Unfortunately an equipment failure saw them completing most of the course with just seven rowers, and whilst they were made to work hard for it, this just gave Anglia Ruskin the edge.

Straight into the final in an event with just two entries, W1 were up against a Girton W1 crew containing a couple of Blondie rowers. Going off slightly ahead at the staggered start, the girls produced a strong start which ensured Girton could not take advantage of their inside bend, and whilst there was a slight wobble coming into the straight, they held them off to win the race by over half a length, claiming their second tankard of the term in doing so.

Well done to everyone for an excellent weekend's racing!

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