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Winter Head - A Great Day for SSBC!

Posted: Monday 23 November 2009, 11:30PM by Lisa Meegan


Despite the bad weather, Saturday's Winter Head brought great results for all of Sidney's racing crews.

M1 finished third in their category, and were the 9th fastest college VIII overall, in a time of 9:04, while W1, rowing in the windiest division of the day, were 8th= of the colleges and 10th= in their category in 10:54.

M2 were 15th in their category in a time of 10:20, making them the 10th fastest college 2nd VIII, and W2 were 5th in their category as the second fastest 2nd VIII of the day with a time of 11:22.

Racing in a IV, M3 achieved a time of 12:58 in difficult conditions, and W3 overcame a blade clash on the Reach to finish 13th in their category in 12:54 whilst being the only college women's 3rd VIII to race.

Also taking part were MNA, in their first ever race. Despite a couple of crabs and a brief collision with the bank, they finished 11th in their beginners' category, and 9th of college novice VIIIs, in a time of 11:16.

Also racing was Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club triallist Tim Scholtes. Racing in CULRC's 2nd VIII Tim picked up a pennant, winning the IM2 8s category in a time of 8:38.

All of the results suggest we can expect strong performances from SSBC in next week's Fairbairn Cup races. Well done to everyone taking part!

Edited on Mon, 23rd Nov 09 by Lisa Meegan

Full results can be found on the Cantabs web site.

Emma Sprints - WNA

Posted: Sunday 22 November 2009, 11:00PM by Jeremy Coulon



1st round: beat Emma NW1 by about 450 metres

Quarter-final: beat LMBC NW2 by just over half a length

Semi-final: controversially beat Peterhouse NW1 by the narrowest of margins

Final: beaten by Magdalene NW1 by one length.

Our first race of the term, and the rainbow coloured Women's Novice A (nicknamed 'Long and Strong' after one of the cox's calls in an early outing) had good spirits for the day ahead. We'd already looked at the Queen's Ergs results, and were reasonably confident for the first few races, but knew there was tough competition ahead - and were wary of the predicted 40 mph gusts (a couple of divisions later Emma Sprints was cancelled because of the horrible weather).

Our first opposition was against the home team, Emma NW1. Unfortunately, Emma weren't pointing straight at the start, and so ended up in the bank after about five strokes - so we didn't really have a race on our hands, and wound down soon after our start. When crossing the finish line Emma weren't even in sight - victory to Sidney!

Our next opponents were LMBC NW2 (sadly not Clare Hall W1, who we were almost up against, and who were also dressed as a rainbow). They started about a canvas in front, and for a while they were leading, but WNA ground them down and after about 300 metres were in front, and gaining each stroke. We ended up winning by just over half a length, but it was good having some real competition.

The semi-final saw us come up against Peterhouse W1. They started about a quarter length ahead (which the marshall by the start noted), but slowly WNA started creeping up on them, until about halfway we were just in lead. Unfortunately, the quick succession of races was taking it's toll on the rowers, and Peterhouse started creeping back in front, while the clouds opened and it started drizzling.. We crossed the finish line with Peterhouse clearly in front, and thought we'd lost - but no! The marshall told us that because they started a quarter length in front of us, and we'd reduced their lead to about a canvas, we were declared the winners - we were through to the final!

It was starting to pour down with rain as we spun for the final, and we wanted to get back home as soon as possible. Magdalene had comfortably won their previous race, so were clearly going to put up a good fight..

After a slightly better start, Magdalene took the lead, but WNA managed to prevent them gaining much more until disaster struck about halfway through - one of our seats fell off! With only seven rowers able to row properly, Magdalene stormed off to victory by about a length - very well done to them! We were ecstatic to come second though - and it gives us a benchmark to beat for future races! :D

Well done to all the crews we raced, and Emma for organising the event - but mainly to Sidney Women's Novice A for putting in everything and getting a great result, and surviving the horrifically wet row home.

Edited on Mon, 23rd Nov 09 by Lisa Meegan

Winter Head & Emma Sprints

Posted: Friday 20 November 2009, 10:10AM by Lisa Meegan


This weekend brings two packed days of racing action for SSBC as both seniors and novices take to the water for two very different events. On Saturday, all of the senior crews plus Men’s Novice A will take part in the Cambridge Winter Head, a 2600m head race from the motorway bridge to the Penny Ferry pub. On Sunday, all of our women’s novice crews and Men’s Novice B will race in Emma Sprints, a 500m regatta for novices held on the Reach. The races will be the first on-the-water competition for all of the novices, while for the seniors Winter Head provides an opportunity for our Fairbairns crews to test their speed against the other colleges before the main event on December 4th.

All of the crews would appreciate your support, and racing times are as follows:

8:30am – Men’s Novice A
10:15am – W2
11:40am – M1
2:30pm – M2, M3, W1, W3

11:10am – Women’s Novice A, Women’s Novice B
1:40pm – Women’s Novice C
2:50pm – Men’s Novice B

Good luck to everyone racing!

Queens' Ergs Results

Posted: Friday 13 November 2009, 8:59AM by Lisa Meegan


The Queens' Ergs results are now in, and it appears 2009 is a strong year for Sidney's novices. There were excellent results across the board, with the A crews in particular performing well to beat top novice crews from numerous colleges. Sadly neither crew reached the final of their event, but both only just missed out by a matter of seconds. The results for all crews marked a significant improvement on SSBC's results in recent years, and suggest we can expect good things when the novices take to the water for their first real races next weekend.

In the men's competition, Men's Novice A achieved a strong average of 1:37.40 to finish 21st overall. Men's Novice B pulled 1:46.37 to finish 38th, and should be proud of themselves for competing well in a top division field dominated by A crews. In the men's second division, Men's Novice C were 17th with 1:44.52, and Men's Novice D were 19th, averaging 1:45.35. Individually, there were notable performances from Jaroslav Snajdr from Men's Novice A, pulling the 37th fastest time in the M1 division in 1:30.89, Harry Savell, with the 75th fastest time in M1 in 1:32.76, and Tom Wagner, 22nd overall in M2 in 1:34.90.

In the women's first division, Women's Novice A were incredibly unlucky not to reach the final from amongst a strong field, finishing 12th with 1:56.18, a time which would have seen them comfortably through in almost any previous year. In the same division, Women's Novice B were 35th with 2:14.28, while Women's Novice C finished 9th in the W2 division in with an average of 2:05.64, being beaten by just two other C crews - despite having one sub who had never rowed before! Sidney's fastest woman was Anna Isaac, whose 1:52.64 was the 73rd fastest time in W1, and she was closely followed by Fran Owen, 80th in 1:52.91, with Amy Crothall next up, 135th in 1:55.86.

Congratulations to all of the novices on a top performance, and good luck for your upcoming races!

Full results are available on the Queens' Ergs web site.

Queens' Ergs - Tonight!

Posted: Tuesday 10 November 2009, 10:27AM by Lisa Meegan


Tonight brings the first taste of competition for this year's group of novices, as Sidney's crews go up against the other colleges at the annual Queens' Ergs competition. All seven of SSBC's novice crews will be taking part in the 8 x 500m ergo relay, with the top two crews racing in the first divisions and the others in the second divisions. The times of the races are listed below, and I'm sure our novices would appreciate the support of any senior boaties who happen to be around! The competition will be held in the usual location in Queens' College.

Men's Novice A - 19:00
Men's Novice B - 19:30
Men's Novice C - 21:00
Men's Novice D - 21:00

Women's Novice A - 17:30
Women's Novice B - 18:00
Women's Novice C - 21:30

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Click here for more information about the competition and a full race timetable.

Autumn Head

Posted: Monday 19 October 2009, 8:14AM by Lisa Meegan


Saturday 17th October brought the first race action of term for some of Sidney's senior rowers, with four VIIIs taking part in the 2600m Cambridge Autumn Head race.

The men and the women each put out two crews, and in both cases these were matched VIIIs composed of the sixteen rowers that will eventually make up the first and second boats. The squads have been training in these crews to help improve the general standard of rowing and to assist the coaches and Captains in first boat selection, and the race brought a first opportunity for them to compete directly against one another.

In the Men's Senior College VIIIs competition, Lightning beat Thunder by just three seconds, with the crews finishing 6th and 7th among the colleges. In the corresponding women's competition, Gin were 6 seconds faster than Tonic, with the boats 4th and 6th of the colleges competing. In both cases, the times compared well with a number of college first VIIIs, suggesting that we can expect good things from our crews when M1, M2, W1 and W2 are set for the term.

Also racing on Saturday were Sidney's university triallists. Tim Schotles stroked one of two matched CULRC VIIIs, and was unlucky to finish just two seconds behind the other crew in the day's second fastest time. Meanwhile, Lisa Meegan, Carys Rowlands, Nora Staack and cox Andrew Pilkington competed for CUWBC in numerous crews, racing up to three times each. All of the crews posted impressive times, with Lisa's lightweight IV and lightweight VIII completing the course in the fastest women's times of the day.

Full results can be viewed on the Rob Roy Boat Club web site.

Well done to everyone taking part!

Welcome Freshers!

Posted: Sunday 04 October 2009, 2:54PM by Lisa Meegan


Welcome to all new Sidney students, and thanks for visiting the Sidney Sussex Boat Club web site. We are the rowing club for students at Sidney and are always keen to welcome new members. Anybody in college who wants to row or cox is welcome to join us absolutely free of charge!

If you are new to rowing, take a look at our Novicing Page and get in touch with one of the Vice Captains for more information. If you're already an experienced boatie get in touch with either me, the Captain of Boats (for the girls) or James Gill, the Mens' Captain (for the guys). All of our e-mail addresses can be found on the Committee Page.

You should all have received an invitation to the Boat Club Squash, and have no doubt seen our posters around college. The Squash will be starting at 9pm on Monday in the Knox Shaw Room, so please come along after the Matriculation Dinner (current Boat Club members will be around to point you in the right direction).

I look forward to seeing you all around in due course - hopefully on the river!

Lisa (SSBC Captain of Boats)

Edited on Sun, 4th Oct 09 by Lisa Meegan

Learning to row with SSBC

Posted: Saturday 08 August 2009, 1:44AM by Tim Scholtes


Coming to Sidney this October? SSBC are keen to recruit as many new members as possible and would love you to join us - it doesn't matter how much (or little) rowing experience you have. Take a look at our Novices page accessible from the menu on the left to find out why rowing is so popular in Cambridge and how you can get involved.

Edited on Mon, 31st Aug 09 by Tasha Scott

Development Squads 2009

Posted: Friday 24 July 2009, 6:41PM by Lisa Meegan


This summer SSBC sent an impressive five rowers and one cox to the University Development Squads, with Lisa Meegan, Abi Sedgwick, Nora Staack and Emily Whitelock rowing with CUWBC, Andrew Pilkington coxing for CUWBC and Tim Scholtes rowing with CULRC.

The Development Squads offer a month of intensive training designed to give a flavour of the trialling process which begins in September, and conclude with racing at Kingston Regatta, Molesey Regatta and the National Championships in Nottingham.

This year the SSBC contigent were able to share in numerous successes. Abi and Andrew kicked things off by winning in the Women's Novice 8s at Kingston, before Emily (Women's IM3 8s) and Nora (Women's IM2 8s - beating Oxford in the final) both won at Molesey, where Tim also picked up two pots racing in both the 8 and the 4. Meanwhile, Lisa was a member of the CUW boat which reached the final at the Nat Champs.

Many of this year's Dev Squad participants intend to go on to trial in September, and SSBC wishes them the best of luck in doing so.

May Bumps - Day 4

Posted: Monday 15 June 2009, 12:49PM by Lisa Meegan


A glorious final day brought huge crowds to the river, and further gains for Sidney. M2 were able to regain their position at the head of division 5 with a bump on the Christ's boat that had twice evaded them earlier in the week, W2 picked up another quick bump, and W3 could not believe their luck when a crash ahead of them brought a double overbump on Queens' III.

This put the girls up 11 for the week, and saw them win their oars in style with the biggest ever single gain by a Sidney crew since the separation of the Lent and May Bumps in 1887 (the previous record of 8 being held jointly by the 2nd Men from 1948 and the 3rd Men from 1993).

Full results for the day were:

M1 - Rowed Over
M2 - Bumped Christ's III, Rowed Over
M3 - Rowed Over
M4 - Rowed Over

W1 - Rowed Over
W2 - Bumped Robinson II
W3 - Double Overbumped Queens' III

The final results for the May Bumps 2009 can be found here. For the first Bumps since the Lents in 2002, no Sidney crew has gone down, and the Club has made a net gain of 20 places. This saw us accummulating more Mitchell Cup points than any other eligible college, finishing 5th for the year overall.

Furthermore, Sidney finished 3rd in the Pegasus Cup (awarded for the best performance in the May Bumps), beaten only by the two men's boats of Hughes Hall and the two boats of Clare Hall.

Congratulations to everyone for an excellent end to a superb year for SSBC.

Edited on Thu, 25th Jun 09 by Lisa Meegan

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