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Newnham Short Course

Posted: Thursday 28 January 2010, 10:40PM by Lisa Meegan


This Saturday will see further race action for SSBC, with four of our crews competing in Newnham Short Course. M1, M2, W2 and W3 will all take to the water for the 1600m course from the Little Bridge to the Railings, racing at the following times:

M1, M2 - 12:30pm
W2, W3 - 1:40pm

Any support would be much appreciated by all crews! Results will be published here as soon as possible after the race.

Winter Head to Head - Two wins for SSBC!

Posted: Monday 25 January 2010, 9:09AM by Lisa Meegan


Saturday brought the best possible start to SSBC's Lent Bumps campaign, with two wins and a second place in the first race of term, the Winter Head to Head.

In the Men's Mays 2nd Division, M1 were the winners by a comfortable 25 seconds, with an overall time of 14:12 (first leg 6:41, second leg 7:31). Their time put them 10th= overall of all college men's VIII and saw them beating a large number of crews from the first division of bumps.

In the Women's Mays 2nd Divison, W1 also came away with pots in a winning time of 16:30 (7:30 and 9:00). Their time put them 7th= of all college crews racing.

Finally, in the Men's Mays Lower Division, M2 finished second behind King's M2, in a time of 15:34 (7:10 and 8:24). For a line-up including five of last term's novices, this was an impressive result which compared well with other college second VIIIs and saw them beating many of the crews around them in the Lent Bumps chart.

Well done to all three crews!

Winter Head to Head

Posted: Tuesday 19 January 2010, 7:45PM by Lisa Meegan


After a snowy rowing week just after the New Year saw more than 60 of SSBC's rowers, coxes and coaches braving the cold to get in some intensive pre-term training, crews were quickly set and preparations for the Lent bumps have begun in earnest. With high retention rates among last term's novice crews, Sidney will be putting out an impressive five men's and four women's crews this term, once again making us one of Cambridge's biggest clubs.

Saturday will bring the first taste of race action for three of these crews, as M1, M2 and W1 test out their new line-ups in the Winter Head to Head. Raced over two separate legs of 2km - from the railway bridge to the motorway bridge and then back again - this race provides a first opportunity for college crews to test themselves against potential bumps opposition.

M1 will be racing first, going off in the first division at 9:45am. Following this W1 will race in division 3 at 12:45pm, before M2 take to the water in the day's fourth and final division at 2:15pm.

All three crews would very much appreciate your support from the towpath, and results will be published here once they become available.

Alumni Dinner 2010

Posted: Saturday 12 December 2009, 4:38PM by Lisa Meegan


Following the success of 2008's dinner, Sidney Sussex Boat Club are pleased to announce that the second Alumni Dinner will be held in College on Saturday 6th November 2010.

Last time, we were delighted to welcome back alumni from every decade since the 1950s for rowing outings and a four course dinner in Hall, and we are looking forward to inviting back many more of SSBC's alumni for a bigger and better event in the coming year.

We will be sending out further details to all alumni whose contact details we have in due course.

In the meantime, we would like to invite all alumni who did not attend the last dinner to register their interest by contacting our Alumni Officer, Dan Gorton. This will ensure that we are able to send out booking forms later in the year. Dan can be contacted at the College address, or using the e-mail address listed on the Committee page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Fairbairns Results

Posted: Friday 04 December 2009, 6:14PM by Lisa Meegan


The Fairbairns results are now in, and show that Michaelmas Term 2009 has been another hugely successful one for SSBC. The top senior and novice crews all improved on their performances from last year, and the lower boats all put in impressive performances. Particular mention must go to MNA and WNA, who both raced Senior Fairbairns the day after producing excellent times in Novice Fairbairns, and to the two first boats who both helped establish SSBC as one of the top colleges this year.

Senior Fairbairns Results:

M1 - 14:48.44
12th College VIII

M2 - 16:15.44
35th College VIII (12th College 2nd VIII)

M3 - 14:59.44
29th College IV

MNA - 17:41.78
41st College VIII (1st College 3rd VIII)

W1 - 16:43.84
6th College VIII

W2 - 17:48.67
20th College VIII (3rd College 2nd VIII)

W3 - 20:22.80
27th College VIII

WNA - 19:31.99
26th College VIII

Novice Fairbairns Results:

MNA - 10:15.38
14th College Novice VIII

MNB - 12:33.42
61st College Novice VIII

MNC - 12:29.68
59th College Novice VIII

MND - 12:38.89
62nd College Novice VIII

WNA - 11:52.98
9th College Novice VIII

WNB - 14:35.85
55th College Novice VIII

WNC - 12:39.09
39th College Novice VIII

SSBC's university triallists were also in action. Carys Rowlands was part of the CUWBC A boat which produced the fastest women's time of the day, and Lisa Meegan and Nora Staack both rowed in the lightweight VIII which came in second just ten seconds behind Carys' boat. Tim Scholtes was part of the CULRC B boat which finished fifth overall.

Finally, mention must go to Emily Whitelock, who rowed in both the VIIIs and IVs divisions of Senior Fairbairns after being asked to sub into an Emmanuel crew. Her boat finished 9th overall, in 13:22.65, just beating Emma's 1st IV.

Congratulations to everyone who took part, and to everyone involved in ensuring this term was another excellent one for SSBC!

Full results can be found on the Fairbairns web site.

Novice Fairbairns - WNA

Posted: Thursday 03 December 2009, 4:44PM by Jeremy Coulon


WNA looking beautiful on the row home

Well, well, well.. what to say here? Today for WNA had it all - hope, surprise, shock, dismay, courage, dedication, and hopefully a good result despite the odds. Let me explain..

After a term of pretty good results, we were hoping for a good end to the term - one of the other coaches, Daryl, had promised to swim the width of the Cam if they managed to row the 2.7 km in under 9 minutes (safe in the knowledge that not even the best men's novice crews can do it that quickly), so we were aiming to be very quick!

Unfortunately, while we remembered to point our bow in the other direction towards Jesus Lock, we foolishly forgot that the other side needed to get in first to push their blades out - thus bowside got in first, followed by strokeside, who tried to put their blades out with nobody on the bank to hold the boat. The inevitable happened - the boat slowly started rotating round, and all eight rowers plus the cox were unceremoniously dumped in the river.

The men's novice boats at the boathouse came to our rescue, and before long all of WNA were back on dry land (well, technically wet land, given the nasty weather). They were soaked through though, and there was no way they would be allowed to row in their wet clothing - they'd catch hypothermia.

The men's boats managed to get the boat out despite it being full of water, and put it away in the boathouse, while the women (plus Andrew the cox) grabbed the space blankets and went inside for warmth. When told they wouldn't be allowed to row, they were indignant - they still wanted to race! The women were desperate for dry clothing so we'd let them race, and the men standing around offered what they could - ranging from splashtops to all-in-ones that had been worn without underwear underneath (thankfully the women weren't that desperate). Thank you so much to everyone who lent clothing - we'll be back at the boathouse at the same time tomorrow if you want it back (or for those from Sidney we'll dry it and leave it in the Room on R for you to collect), or you could email me at jc531 and I'll try to do my best to get it to you (though I'm heading on the Varsity Trip tomorrow night).

After the women and Andrew changed into fairly dry clothes in the women's changing rooms (he must have been loving it..), we very quickly got the boat back out and pushed out - successfully this time - to marshall. Plenty of hot chocolate and Bailey's later, we were finally ready to race..

We kept a great rating all through the race, and Andrew's race plan worked like a charm - the girls all responded well to the extra pressure when needed, while still managing to keep their technique looking very nice even when they got tired. Andrew's cornering in particular was divine - despite having not practiced the corners at race pace he took them beautifully.

We're all now looking forward to the results, but whatever we get Women's Novice A have done themselves and the rest of Sidney very proud indeed! Well done them - and thanks again to everyone who lent their clothes; we couldn't have done it without you!

EDIT: The results have come out, and despite everything we came 10th out of 59 crews in a time of 11:52.98 - the best result from any Sidney novice crew since 2001! :D Not only this, but we beat three of the Sidney men's novice crews by over half a minute (but got thoroughly trounced by MNA who came 14th out of 65 in their division in a time of 10:15.38)!

Edited on Thu, 3rd Dec 09 by Jeremy Coulon

Fairbairns - Race Times

Posted: Wednesday 02 December 2009, 4:18PM by Lisa Meegan


Tomorrow sees the start of the eagerly anticipated Fairbairn Cup, arguably the highlight of Michaelmas term for College rowers. This year will see an impressive 15 Sidney boats in action, an unprecedented figure for SSBC which cements our position as one of Cambridge's biggest boat clubs. With strong performances behind all of our crews this term, we are looking forward to two days of exciting racing and hopefully to some excellent results.

There will be Sidney crews competing in every single division over the two days, and all of the rowers would be very appreciative of any supporters on the bank.

Also racing are SSBC's four university triallists. Carys Rowlands, Lisa Meegan and Nora Staack will race in the Women's Senior VIIIs, with Carys in CUW I (the heavyweight A crew) and Lisa and Nora in CUW II (the lightweight crew). Tim Scholtes will race for CULRC II in the Men's Senior VIIIs.

Times for races are as follows:

Thursday: Novice VIIIs
Raced over 2700m from Jesus Boathouse to the Railings

9:15am: Division 1 - Men's Novice VIIIs:
MNA (number 142), MND (number 143)

11:30am: Division 1 - Women's Novice VIIIs:
WNA (number 178), WNB (number 182)

2:00pm: Division 2 - Novice VIIIs:
MNB (number 211), MNC (number 219), WNC (number 221)

Friday: Senior VIIIs
Raced over 4300m from Jesus Boathouse to the Little Bridge

9:30am: Women's Senior VIIIs:
W1 (number 260), W2 (number 269), W3 (number 283), M2 (number 284)
CUWBC (number 250), CUWBC II (number 251)

11:30am: Men's Senior VIIIs:
M1 (number 320), MNA (number 337), WNA (number 404)
CULRC II (number 303)

Friday: Senior IVs
Raced over 3400m from Jesus Boathouse to the Red Grind Post (opposite the Plough)

1:45pm: Senior IVs:
M3 (number 371)

Edited on Wed, 2nd Dec 09 by Lisa Meegan

See the Fairbairns web site for further information on the race and start order.

Clare Novices - Results

Posted: Wednesday 02 December 2009, 4:05PM by Lisa Meegan


Last week's Clare Novice Regatta brought mixed fortunes for SSBC, but all in all was a successful event, with two crews progressing to the quarter-finals for the first time in recent years.

In the Men's Cup, Men's Novice A easily saw off Clare Hall A in the first round before beating Queens' B by 2.5 lengths in the second round. In their quarter-final, they came up against boathouse rivals Girton A. Unfortunately an early blade clash put Sidney behind, and a broken seat meant the crew were forced to complete the course with only 7 rowers. Despite this handicap, they were able to regain some of the ground they had lost, but ran out of time before reaching the finish, losing by 1.5 lengths.

In the Men's Plate, Men's Novice C were beaten in the first round by Queens' C by 4 lengths. In the Women's Cup, Women's Novice A were given a bye in the first round, and easily beat Trinity Hall A in the second round. Sadly they were also beaten in the quarter-final, losing by 2.5 lengths to Lucy Cavendish A.

With much stronger performances than we have seen in recent years throughout this term, SSBC is now looking forward to Thursday's Novice Fairbairns.

Full results can be found here.

Clare Novices - Race Times

Posted: Thursday 26 November 2009, 4:34PM by Lisa Meegan


Yet another busy weekend of racing for SSBC gets underway tomorrow, when our novice crews begin to take to the water for the Clare Novices' Regatta.

Held over three days, the Regatta is one of the biggest novice events of the term and provides a last real test before Novice Fairbairns next week. The event incorporates Cup competitions for A crews and Plate competitions for lower crews, held for both men and women.

With the Plate races taking place on weekdays, crew availability can pose a challenge, and SSBC will be entering just three of our seven novice crews. Men's Novice A and Women's Novice A will both race in the Cup on Saturday, and after last weekend's results in Winter Head and Emma Sprints will be hoping for another strong performance, while Men's Novice C will race in the Men's Plate, commencing on Friday.

First race times for the crews are:

Men's Novice A:
First round (vs Clare Hall A) - Saturday, 8:10am

Women's Novice A:
First round - bye
Second round (vs Trinity Hall A) - Saturday, 11:30am

Men's Novice C (racing as Sidney Sussex B):
First round (vs Queens' C) - Friday, 2:00pm

Should the crews win these races, they will go on to race in subsequent rounds. A full timetable for Sidney's crews can be found here, and the page will be updated with our results as the event progresses.

Good luck to everyone taking part!

Click here for more information on the Clare Novices' Regatta

Emma Sprints

Posted: Monday 23 November 2009, 11:37PM by Lisa Meegan


Sunday's Emma Sprints brought mixed emotions for SSBC's novice crews on an incredibly windy day in Cambridge.

Racing in the day's first division were WNA and WNB. Unfortunately, the wind was to affect WNB's race, and after a collision near the start they were beaten in the first round by Queens'. However, WNA built on a strong Queens' Ergs performance and showed their promise for the upcoming Clare Novices Regatta and Fairbairn Cup races by beating Emma NW1, LMBC NW2 and Peterhouse NW1 on the way to the final against Magdalene NW1. Magdalene were a strong crew, but Sidney held their ground until disaster struck about halfway through the race when one of the girls lost her seat. With only seven rowers, WNA were unable to keep the pace, losing by around a length. However the girls did incredibly well to reach the final and should be very proud of their efforts!

Sadly, following this division it was decided that conditions on the river were too bad for races to be held safely, and the remaining divisions were cancelled before WNC and MNB could race.

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