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Head of the Cam 2010

Posted: Monday 10 May 2010, 11:37PM by Sam Harrison


This was the first race of term for M1, M2 and W2. There were some very promising results:

M1 – second in the second Mays category, sixth overall
M2 – eighth in lower Mays category
W2 – ninth in lower Mays category

Foster Fairbairn Pairs 2010

Posted: Monday 10 May 2010, 11:35PM by Sam Harrison


We were drawn against a pair from First and Third in the first round of Small Boats Regatta. After some good training we were happy with how the boat was going but we weren’t sure how we’d fare against a crew that looked very tidy when we’d seen them on the river.

We had a good start to the race and were relieved to hear that we’d moved on them down first post reach, mainly because of how hard we’d gone off! However, our pacing started to tell and we were both hurting by the time we came round onto the Reach. Tim insisted we were still just ahead but they were pushing for the line and we needed to respond. As it turns out both Mike and I assumed that we couldn’t possibly be winning and this was reverse psychology! We just tried to hang on to the line and were delighted to find out we had actually won!

After the race we had a quick chat with our opposition, who said that our straight-line speed was good but that my corners were pretty terrible and it looked like we “got a bit lost” down Plough Reach. They graciously gave me some steering tips and we then found our semi-final opposition had scratched so we were through to the final the next day.

I knew that I needed to sharpen up the steering for the next race especially as we were against a very good Jesus boat. We were on the chasing station again and so decided to go for another quick start to try and put them under pressure. We managed this, made ground on them, had some improved corners and were lifted when we could hear them just ahead of us coming through Grassy. However they started to open the distance back up down Plough Reach and then made a huge move down the Reach. In the end we couldn’t match them, and they won by four seconds. It was a great race, despite the result and all credit to the Jesus crew for being calm enough to watch us close up on them and then move away from us at the end.

Finally, many thanks to City for hiring us their small boats and to Nick, Tim, Matt and Craig for bank partying us.

Edited on Mon, 14th Feb 11 by Sam Harrison

Small Boats Regatta 2010

Posted: Sunday 18 April 2010, 8:21PM by Sam Harrison


This week several Sidney rowers will take part in Small Boats Regatta:

Lowe Double Sculls: Nora Staack & Jakob Mauritz
Foster-Fairbairn Pairs: Mike Marsh & Sam Harrison
Fairbairn Junior Sculls: Anthony Brewer

Race times can be found on the CUCBC website. Any support would be very welcome!

Edited on Sun, 18th Apr 10 by Sam Harrison

SSBC's University Rowers Head For Henley

Posted: Saturday 20 March 2010, 1:05PM by Tasha Scott


After six months of intensive training, the Cambridge University Women's Boat Club (CUWBC) crews transfer to Henley tomorrow to begin their final boat race preparations, and SSBC is proud to announce that three of our oarswomen will be among them. Trialists Carys Rowlands, Nora Staack and former Captain of the Boats Lisa Meegan were all successful in this year's selections and will represent Cambridge against Oxford. Carys will row in the three seat of the Cambridge Blue Boat, while Lisa and Nora will both row in the Lightweight crew, at 5 and bow respectively.

The races will be held next Sunday, 28th March, over 2000 m at Henley-on-Thames, with further details including a race day schedule given on the Henley Boat Races web site. Carys, Nora and Lisa would greatly appreciate any Sidney support, and would like to encourage as many people as possible to head to Henley to watch what promises to be a great day of racing.

Also representing Cambridge next week will be the stroke of SSBC's blades-winning Men's First Lent VIII, Tim Scholtes. Alongside his college training, Tim has been stroking the Cambridge University Lightweight Rowing Club (CULRC) Spare IV, and will be taking on OULRC's spare IV in a 1000m race on Henley Reach on Friday.

SSBC would like to wish Carys, Nora, Lisa and Tim the best of luck for their races next week. GDBO.

Superb result for W1 at WEHORR

Posted: Saturday 13 March 2010, 7:41PM by Lisa Meegan


W1 rounded off their Lent term in style today with a fantastic result at the Women's Eights Head of the River Race, rowed on the Tideway in London. The 6.8km (4.25 mile) race runs from Mortlake to Putney, over the Boat Race course in reverse, and presents a stiff challenge for any crew, let alone one whose main training this term has been for much shorter bumps races!

Despite this, the girls posted an impressive time of 21:05.21, ranking 113th overall. This represented an improvement of 39 places on last year's result, and saw Sidney finishing third of all the Cambridge crews racing today, with only Pembroke and First and Third posting quicker times. What's more, W1 were within a second of (and only one place behind) the fastest Oxford college of the day.

Congratulations to the girls on a fantastic end to yet another strong term!

SSBC would like to thank Tideway Scullers School for allowing us to boat from their boathouse.

Edited on Sat, 13th Mar 10 by Lisa Meegan

Full results are available on the WEHORR web site.

Lent Bumps 2010 round-up

Posted: Sunday 28 February 2010, 8:59PM by James Gill


Congratulations to all the SSBC who have been racing this week. Thank you, also, to all those who have made their way down to the river to support us despite the inclement weather.

With all the racing and post-race celebrating over, the final results for Lent Bumps 2010 are as follows:

M1 - Blades - Bumped Wolfson, Jesus II, Caius II and LMBC II
M2 - Up three - Bumped Anglia Ruskin II, Clare Hall and Queens' III
W1 - Up two - Bumped Fitzwilliam, Jesus II
W2 - Down one - Bumped Selwyn II, Bumped by Christ's II and Newnham II

Edited on Sun, 28th Feb 10 by James Gill

Full results tables are available on the CUCBC website

Lent Bumps 2010 Day 5 - M1 bump LMBC II

Posted: Sunday 28 February 2010, 8:52PM by James Gill


M1, rowing home

Going into the final day we already knew that we'd produced one of the best results that a Men's first boat from Sidney had produced in several years. We also knew that we had a huge opportunity to make it an even better week and finish it off in style.

Despite starting on the outflow we pushed off perfectly straight and settled into a reasonable rhythm. Just as we were about to stride down from rating in the low forties we got our first whistle - consequently, despite Rob calling a stride it didn't really happen and we kept the rating high. In due course both second and third whistles came. However, when we reached overlap with LMBC II it seemed to take us an age to actually get the bump. However, in time, it came on First Post Corner conveniently in front of a large group of SSBC supporters.

The Bump on LMBC II marked the perfect end to the week's racing for M1, making us the first Sidney M1 to win blades in Lent Bumps for 15 years. All that was left to do was to row home in style and celebrate our success.

On behalf of M1 I'd like to express you huge gratitude to our coaches Michael Burcher, Chris Lloyd and Tim Rhodes for all their help, guidance and dedication throughout the term - we really could not have done it without you.

Lent Bumps 2010 Day 4 - M1 Bump Caius II

Posted: Friday 26 February 2010, 7:52PM by Tim Scholtes


With the wind howling all around us as we marshalled in a strong stream, M1 were well aware of the tricky conditions we faced in our third day of racing. Knowing that we were unlikely to have any pressure from Jesus II behind us, we focused all our thoughts on Caius II ahead, and importantly a below par LMBC II in front of them.

As the deafening gun echoed under the Motorway Bridge around us, we started solidly winding to the low forties before settling into a strong rhythm, quickly drawing within distance to Caius II. To our dismay however, Caius's bank party were already signalling two whistles - they'd drawn to within a canvas of LMBC II, and were close to victory, all before first-post corner.

With the horrible threat of a row-over into a stonking headwind looming large, we made our move winding again to 42 and a length off their stern, hoping that Caius II would be unable to withstand our relentless assault on their stern.

We got lucky, and in the words of our coach Michael Burcher, Caius II crashed 'a lot' into the inside of first-post corner - whether it was due to our renewed attack flustering their rowers, or perhaps their cox was too busy thinking up her next article for the TAB, we'll never know, but I'd like to think that our gargantuan push had something to do with it. All that was left was for us to fly past their nearly stationary boat, and watch the rest of the division go by.

With 'it' all to play for, tomorrow will be a decisive day. Caius II will be looking for revenge, and LMBC II must be wetting themselves.

Edited on Fri, 26th Feb 10 by Tim Scholtes

Lent Bumps 2010 - Day 4

Posted: Friday 26 February 2010, 4:58PM by Lisa Meegan


Today saw a return to the river for W2, and the two first boats were also in action.

Sadly the day began with the first bump against Sidney of this Lents, when W2 unfortunately went down to a strong Christ's II boat. However, fortunes quickly turned for SSBC, with W1 finally able to prove their speed with a rapid bump on Fitz before reaching First Post Corner. M1 wrapped up another good day by making it 3 bumps from 3, coming off best in a tight three boat sandwich which saw Caius II ahead also gaining on LMBC II.

Full results for the day:
M1 - Bumped Caius II
W1 - Bumped Fitzwilliam I
W2 - Bumped by Christ's II

Going in to the fifth and final day, M1 and M2 are both up three, while W1 are up 1 and W2 are level.

Good luck to all crews for tomorrow, which promises an exciting day of racing (and hopefully bumping!) for SSBC.

Lent Bumps 2010 - Day 3

Posted: Thursday 25 February 2010, 7:27PM by Lisa Meegan


Thursday saw the two first boats back in action, along with M2 rowing their third race, and brought two more bumps and one row over for Sidney.

M2 made it up three in three days with their bump on Queens' III, before M1 also maintained a 100% record with a bump on Jesus II. W1 again made an early impression on Emma II, but the chase quickly ended when Fitz crashed to give Emma an easy bump. With the whole division bumped out ahead of them, there was nothing to chase on the overbump and W1 were forced to row over, but will be looking forward to an opportunity to chase Fitz tomorrow.

Full results for the day were:

M1 - Bumped Jesus II
W1 - Rowed Over
M2 - Bumped Queens' III

After two days of racing, M1 are up two, W1 level and W2 up one, while M2 are up three after three races.

Results so far put Sidney joint top of the points table, with only Peterhouse having accumulated as many points as us in the first three days.

M2 will get their rest day tomorrow; good luck to M1, W1 and W2 for their races!

Edited on Thu, 25th Feb 10 by Lisa Meegan

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