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May Bumps 2010 - Day 4 Results

Posted: Thursday 17 June 2010, 10:02PM by Sam Harrison


The results from the Saturday of May bumps and each crew's overall results are below:

M1: Rowed Over, Up 3
W1: Bumped Darwin, Up 3
M2: Bumped by Magdalene III, Down 3
W2: Bumped Churchill II, Up 4
M3: Bumped by Fitzwilliam III, Down 3
W3: Bumped by Queens' III, Down 4

Particular congratulations to W2 (pictured) who secured their blades! Thankyou to everyone who came to support the Sidney crews over the course of the week.

Edited on Thu, 17th Jun 10 by Sam Harrison

May Bumps 2010 - Day 3 Results

Posted: Friday 11 June 2010, 10:41PM by Sam Harrison


Another good day for M1 and W2 means they are up both up three going into the last day. W1 (pictured) also secured a bump, making them up two overall. However M2, M3 and W3 all fell to quick crews behind them.

M1: Bumped Wolfson
W1: Bumped LMBC II
M2: Bumped by St. Edmund's II
W2: Bumped 1st & 3rd III
M3: Bumped by Hughes Hall II
W3: Bumped by King's II

Best of luck to all crews for the last day. It looks set to be a nice day tomorrow and it would be great to have a large contingent of Sidney supporters cheering our crews on from the bank, so please come down to the river if you can.

Edited on Fri, 11th Jun 10 by Sam Harrison

May Bumps 2010 - Day 2 - M1 bump Queens

Posted: Thursday 10 June 2010, 11:07PM by Sam Harrison


Yesterday was a solid but not spectacular row. It gave us confidence but we were very uncertain going into today. We knew we should be faster than Queens’ II; based on yesterday’s race we thought they would be similar, if not slightly quicker than, Emma II. However, Wolfson were in front of Queens’ and we knew very little about them, but we didn’t think they’d be able to hold Queens’ off for long. We felt that the race would be over by the gut, whether we bumped Queens’ or they got Wolfson. Our race plan was to go off very hard and put Queens’ under pressure before they got close to Wolfson.

The other factor today was the weather. It was still refusing to acknowledge that this was May bumps, so today was windy and overcast. We raced Nines Regatta in similar windy conditions earlier in term, which had turned into an exhibition of bad rowing technique into a headwind… Fortunately today was a tailwind but was still not ideal.

We had a slightly nervy row up to the start but had some time to compose ourselves up at the lock. In the race we had a scrappy but still reasonably quick start. Our rowing improved slightly after the stride but was still not as loose as yesterday. We were slightly inside station off the start but started to move on Queens’ as we both hit the choppy water under the motorway bridge. Encouraged by the lack of whistles from the bank party ahead we pushed on and our rowing started to sharpen up; we soon got our first and second whistles down first post reach. We started to hear whistles from the Queens’ bank party but pushed into the corner and got our third whistle. We had a jump call coming out of the corner and this time we all kept rowing, eventually hitting Queens’ in the gut.

It was a much scrappier row than Wednesday but it was still quick and the end result was very satisfying, especially for those of us who were in the boat last Mays. It’s been a good start to the week, now we need to build on it for the next two days.

Edited on Sun, 20th Jun 10 by Sam Harrison

May Bumps 2010 - Day 2 Results

Posted: Thursday 10 June 2010, 7:22PM by Sam Harrison


Today M1 and W2 both bumped again, building on the good starts made yesterday. W1 made sure they hit the Homerton crew that hadn't given them the time to bump Emma II the previous day, while M2 (pictured) rowed over behind the Christ's boat that bumped them yesterday and will be looking to move up tomorrow. Unfortunately both M3 and W3 were bumped but they will be looking to consolidate their positions tomorrow.

M1: Bumped Queens' II
W1: Bumped Homerton
M2: Rowed Over
W2: Bumped Homerton II
M3: Bumped by Pembroke IV
W3: Bumped by Magdalene III

May Bumps 2010 - Day 1 - M1 bump Emma II

Posted: Thursday 10 June 2010, 12:13PM by Sam Harrison


We lined up for the first day chasing Emma II and in front of Selwyn II. We knew we should be faster than both of them, but after our races this term and last year’s Mays we also knew what could happen on a bad day.

We got a pretty clean start and as we wound it up our nerves were settled as we saw Selwyn II spear into the bank after about 10 strokes, leaving a slightly bemused Corpus to row past for the bump.

We wound it high, and the adrenaline meant we were a couple of pips higher on the rating than normal after the stride. We had a couple of wobbles going through the choppy water under the motorway bridge but we were still just inside station. We got our first whistle soon after and a couple of pushes later we had moved to half a length and got our three whistles.

Rob called a jump as we approached First Post Corner. We built up the pressure, wound up the rating and just as we were lengthening back out the boat crashed over killing our newly gained boat speed. We had to pick the boat up again and attempt a kill call for the second time with our legs already burning. Fortunately, we did so and got the bump on the exit of the corner.

After we pulled in Mike sheepishly explained that he had heard someone telling us to stop so had stopped rowing and held it up at the crucial time, which explained the sudden loss of balance and speed… All rowing all of the time is definitely something to get right tomorrow!

It was a solid start to bumps so fingers crossed for the rest of the week.

Edited on Thu, 10th Jun 10 by Sam Harrison

May Bumps 2010 - Day 1 Results

Posted: Wednesday 09 June 2010, 11:34PM by Sam Harrison


W2 rowing home

It was a day of mixed fortunes for the Sidney boats competing. M1 and W2 (pictured) both secured their bumps quickly but W1 were unlucky to have the crews in front of them bump out. M3 secured a solid row over but unfortunately both M2 and W3 succumbed to boats behind them.

M1: Bumped Emmanuel II
W1: Rowed Over
M2: Bumped by Christ's III
W2: Bumped Fitzwilliam II
M3: Rowed Over
W3: Bumped by Robinson II

Best of luck to all crews for tomorrow!

Edited on Thu, 10th Jun 10 by Sam Harrison

May Bumps 2010 - Division Times

Posted: Tuesday 08 June 2010, 1:31PM by Sam Harrison


May bumps starts tomorrow and Sidney have six crews competing at the following times:

M1: Wed - Fri 6:15pm, Sat 4:15pm
W1: Wed - Fri 5:30pm, Sat 3:30pm
M2: Wed - Fri 1:45pm, Sat 11:45am
W2: Wed - Fri 2:30pm, Sat 12:30pm
M3: Wed - Fri 1:45pm, Sat 11:45am
W3: Wed - Fri 2:30pm, Sat 12:30pm

It would be fantastic to have a large contingent of Sidney supporters on the river so please come down to watch if you can!

Sidney's results will be posted here at the end of each day and you can also find complete results here.

Good luck to everyone competing!

Edited on Wed, 9th Jun 10 by Tasha Scott

Peterborough Regatta 2010

Posted: Monday 07 June 2010, 12:00PM by Tasha Scott


Sidney Sussex W1 win the WIM38+ event

On Saturday 5th June, W1 raced in the Peterborough 1000 m Sprints regatta. Our first race was late on in the morning, and we rowed confidently up to the start along with our competitors, Sheffield City and Walbrook. As the ‘Go’ call was given, we found ourselves pulling away from Sheffield City right from the start, but unfortunately Walbrook had taken some ground off us. An early push for halfway caused us to move up on them, and coming through the 750m we were suddenly in with a real chance of winning our heat. Walbrook continued to tire, and in the last 200 m of our first race we managed to overtake them, winning by about half a length and securing our place in the final.

Watching the other heats showed our main competition to be Peterborough RC themselves, although our qualifying time was still very strong. In the final, six hours later, we ended up racing Walbrook again, along with Peterborough RC and Champs. A stronger start, winding up to rate 43, saw us pulling away from the start, and keeping the power on we were able to edge out our lead all the way through, keeping a close eye on the three other boats. Lots of aggressive coxing and very determined rowing meant that by the time we crossed the finish line, we’d won easily.

For many of the crew, this was their first win off-Cam – indeed it has been a very long time since a Sidney crew won an event such as this. Well done to all the crew; a great day out was had by all.

Edited on Tue, 8th Jun 10 by Tasha Scott

Champs VIIIs Head 2010

Posted: Saturday 29 May 2010, 6:15PM by Sam Harrison


This proved to be another succesful race for the crews that took part - particular congratulations to W2 and Rob Waddingham!

M1 - 5th in Second Mays Division Category
Rob Waddingham won coxes prize for best line around Ditton Corner

M2 - 3rd in Fifth Mays Division Category

W2 - won Fourth Mays Division Category

W3 - 4th in Fourth Mays Division Category

Full results can be found here.

Spring Head to Head and City Sprints 2010

Posted: Monday 10 May 2010, 11:38PM by Sam Harrison


Congratulations to the crews that raced this weekend who recorded some fantastic results:

Head to Head:
M1 – won second Mays category
W1 – won second Mays category
M2 – eighth in lower Mays category
W2 – won lower Mays category

City Sprints:
M1 – beat Girton M1, lost to Downing M2
W1 – beat Selwyn W1
W3 – lost to Clare Hall W1
M3 – lost to Jesus M3

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