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Newnham Shortcourse 2011

Posted: Monday 07 February 2011, 8:41PM by Tasha Scott


M1: 9th College 1st VIII (08:11)
W1: 6th College 1st VIII (09:38)
M2: 8th College 2nd VIII (09:31)

Possibly the windiest 2k race since Champs 8s 2009. Nevertheless, a fantastic performance by M1 and W1. Unfortunately, W2 could not race due to safety reasons, but M2 managed to battle through and lay down a decent time too.

Edited on Mon, 7th Feb 11 by Tasha Scott

M1 Winter Head to Head 2011

Posted: Sunday 30 January 2011, 10:26AM by Sam Harrison


16th College VIII in 14:38 (7:17 & 7:21)

H2H fell at the end of the first week of term this year, which at least meant there was no danger of being over prepared. A variety of exam commitments meant we weren’t able to enter Fairbairn’s on the Wednesday or even train in our full crew after rowing week. That left Thursday and Friday, which should have been more than enough time to gel as a crew.

Unfortunately despite such a foolproof plan something went wrong. Dan got ill and so we had to have a sub and a slight rearrangement of the crew order for the race. In the end the race was scrappy but not disastrous and encouragingly much improved on the second leg. As expected the result wasn’t fantastic but at least we were still quicker than (or very close to) the crews behind us in bumps. Newnham Short Course is the next race and should give a better indication of where we stand as a crew.

Fairbairns 2010/11 - Sidney W1

Posted: Wednesday 19 January 2011, 3:30PM by Peter Chandler


On January 19th, Sidney W1 entered a delayed Fairbairns. Setting off 5th meant there were strong crews to push off and onto. From the bank, it was apparent that the row was very solid from start to finish, particularly whilst pushing through that horrible middle third of the race. Coming into the last third meant plenty of pushes around corners, and a final build under the motorway bridge moved the crew across the finish line nicely. Overall, Sidney came 8th, just 1.5 seconds behind Christ’s W1 and less than a minute off the winners – a fantastic result for a scratch crew, and a great end to training camp. Again, well done!

The crew consisted of:
Cox: Aimee Muirhead
S: Rose Tallon
7: Natalie Tapley
6: Lucy Sweetland
5: Kate Snow
4: Breena Roos
3: Elin Gosby
2: Lois Overvoorde
B: Beth Parker

Edited on Thu, 20th Jan 11 by Tasha Scott

Fairbairns 2010

Posted: Friday 03 December 2010, 10:52AM by Tasha Scott


The Fairbairns Cup novice races took place on Thursday 2nd December, over a shortened course to the Pike and Eel. Well done to all of the crews that raced - you did Sidney proud!

The results went as follows:

WNA: 14th / 50 college VIIIs (13th 1st VIII)
WNB: 26th / 50 college VIIIs (6th 2nd VIII)
WNC: 48th / 50 college VIIIs (6th 3rd VIII)

MNA: 27th / 57 college VIIIs
MNB: 55th / 57 college VIIIs
MNC: 39th / 57 college VIIIs
MND: 44th / 57 college VIIIs

Unfortunately, there was too much ice on the river for the senior races to proceed, so these have now been postponed to the start of Lent term. A little disappointing for the W1 and M1 VIIIs, and the W1 IV, but everyone has put in a lot of hard work this term, which should carry us through nicely to Lents.

Edited on Fri, 3rd Dec 10 by Tasha Scott

Winter Head 2010

Posted: Friday 26 November 2010, 10:36AM by Sam Harrison


This was the first race for some of our senior crews this term. The results are as follows:

M1: 13th College VIII in 8:58

W1 (VIII): 18th College VIII in 10:40

W1 (IV): 2nd College IV in 10:52

Again a very impressive result from the W1 IV who continue to do well after a good showing in Uni IVs. There are now a couple of novice regattas before all crews race Fairbairn's at the end of term.

Edited on Fri, 26th Nov 10 by Sam Harrison

Alumni Dinner 2010 Summary

Posted: Friday 12 November 2010, 8:53AM by Sam Harrison


This years Alumni Dinner was a great success, raising a large amount of money for SSBC. More than 50 alumni made it back to the dinner; a fantastic turnout!

The afternoon saw both a men’s and a women’s VIII of alumni returning to the river. After a paddle up to the top of the long reach both crews were confident and fresh enough for a race. It was a nerve-wracking few minutes for me as Captain seeing some of our best shells carve a path through the swathes of novice boats on the reach but both crews put in a convincing performance. Obviously once you’ve rowed for Sidney you never lose the ability.

The black tie dinner in the evening was held in Hall (pictured). After the dinner an auction was held to raise some more money. One of the more unusual items was a 1934 Sculling Exerciser, essentially a spring-loaded rowing machine with a fairly bizarre action! One can only assume that the dinner was the first time such a contraption has been used on top of high table in Hall! The main item in the auction were the naming rights to the women’s IV, which went for £1000.

The photos taken by the official photographer in the evening can be found here by entering the password "ssbcad1".

Many thanks to everyone who attended and made donations. It was a great evening and raised a lot of money for the club, which will go a long way towards our aim of replacing our fours. We'll announce what boats we are able to purchase in due course here.

Edited on Wed, 17th Nov 10 by Sam Harrison

Alumni Dinner 2010

Posted: Thursday 04 November 2010, 8:05PM by Sam Harrison


Confirmation of the arrangements for the dinner on Saturday are below:

2:30pm: Those who wish to row in the afternoon meet at the Porter's Lodge

6:30pm: Champagne reception in the Knox-Shaw Room

7:30pm: Dinner in Hall

I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. If anyone has any queries please contact me via the Captain's email address.

Edited on Thu, 4th Nov 10 by Sam Harrison

University Fours 2010 - W1 4+

Posted: Wednesday 03 November 2010, 9:08PM by Tasha Scott


After an intense first few weeks training mainly with the W1 eight, a Sidney Sussex W1 coxed four had the opportunity to race in the University Fours competition, something that Sidney has not entered for a few years.

Our first race was against First & Third W1, stiff competition. However, coming up to the start line we knew we had a strong crew, so anything could happen. From the ‘go’ we managed to do a decent start, gaining ¾ length by the time we’d settled. Unfortunately at this point FaT W1 had a slight mishap and failed miserably to recover from it, meaning we were able to do a steady but powerful row through to the finish, winning easily.
Through to the quarter finals, we found ourselves up against Clare W1, who had just beaten Kings W1 in their first round. Off to a flying start, we managed to gain a couple of lengths quickly, and over the course of an extremely windy Reach, pulled this out to three lengths. Settling again into a nice relaxed rhythm, we crossed the finish line two and a half lengths ahead, giving us a semi-final place.

Our semi-final competitors were Emmanuel W1, who had just seen off Murray Edwards in the quarter finals. Sat on the start line, we were reasonable calm, and going off managed again to get a great start, gaining ½ a length. However, Emma fought back, and for the next 1km we were neck and neck, stroke for stroke. As is common for side by side racing, we had a few minor blade clashes around the half-way point, but the battle continued very evenly. On our cox's call, we found ourselves pushing for the final 200m, and were elated to see that we managed to gain more and more distance, crossing the finish line a whole length ahead!

This meant we were through to the final, to be raced a couple of days later! An amazing feat for a crew who had had only a few outings, in a boat rented from City Boat Club. I must at this point add that I am extremely proud of the determination and mental strength of the crew – such a great achievement for Sidney.

Update: Unfortunately, we were disqualified from racing in the final, as Emmanuel W1 felt that we had ‘impeded’ them and hence caused them to lose. I stress that this was not the case, but their appeal to the senior umpire was upheld, so we will never get to see what Sidney W1 could have done in the final. Maybe next year?

Edited on Thu, 4th Nov 10 by Sam Harrison

Boat Club Squash

Posted: Sunday 03 October 2010, 7:25PM by Sam Harrison


We'll be having a squash in the Knox-Shaw Room on Monday 4th October starting about 9:30pm, which should coincide with the end of matriculation dinner.

Come along to find out more about the boat club. There will be plenty of current members on hand to explain learning to row with us and there will be free drinks available!

If you can't make it but are still interested in learning to row please email the vice captains at either mens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk or womens-vice-captain@ssbc.org.uk

If you have rowed before and are interested in rowing here please email either me (captain@ssbc.org.uk) or Tasha (womens-captain@ssbc.org.uk).

Edited on Sun, 3rd Oct 10 by Sam Harrison

Alumni Dinner 2010

Posted: Sunday 12 September 2010, 8:30PM by Sam Harrison


For those of you who have received a booking form in the Pheon to the dinner I'd like to reiterate the invitation. It will be held on Saturday 6th November and anyone who rowed or coxed for SSBC is welcome to attend. The last one was a great success, raising enough money to purchase a new women's eight (pictured) and it would be great to see so many of our alumni attend again. This time we are looking to raise enough to replace our fours. Rowing in new shells on the recent America trip highlighted how much can be learned from training in smaller boats and it would be fantastic to be able to replicate that on Cam.

If you'd like any more information or another booking form please email me at captain@ssbc.org.uk. I hope to see you in November!

Edited on Sun, 12th Sep 10 by Sam Harrison

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