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Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 3

Posted: Friday 04 March 2011, 8:43PM by Sam Harrison


M1: Bumped by Caius II
W1: Bumped by Murray Edwards
M2: Bumped by Emmanuel III

Edited on Sun, 6th Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 2 - M2 Bumped by Clare Hall

Posted: Thursday 03 March 2011, 1:19AM by Sam Harrison


Rowing down was nice and controlled like in day 1 and the practice starts felt nice once again. Then...

Curses! Bumped by Clare Hall. Our start was not the best we had performed but it wasn't too bad and we settled into a good rhythm during the lengthening strokes. Whilst not an excuse, the Clare Hall crew chasing us were very good and this term have consistently posted results that would place them towards the top of the second division, much higher up in the bumps charts! They made rowing fast look relaxed and easy; their perfectly level easy there’s on the way home were pretty impressive. However, I am informed that we were gaining on the Queens’ crew who bumped us yesterday which is heartening (assuming that it wasn’t just people being nice).

Tomorrow we will have little chance of re bumping Clare Hall and so hope to hold off Emma III for a row over. Then, on Saturday, hopefully a go at Queens’ again to try and get our own back.

Race report by Adam Wills.

Edited on Thu, 3rd Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 03 March 2011, 1:12AM by Sam Harrison


Both M1 and W1 had rest days today so it was only M2 and W2 in action.

M2: Bumped by Clare Hall
W2: Bumped by Selwyn II

W2 have a rest day tomorrow so good luck to the other crews racing - M1 (3:20), W1 (2:40) and M2 (2:00).

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 1 - M1 Row Over

Posted: Thursday 03 March 2011, 1:06AM by Sam Harrison


This was by far the closest and most painful bumps race I’ve been involved in. We were chasing FaT II who were a slightly unknown quantity. We had a reasonably solid start and were encouraged to get a whistle fairly early, and we’d moved on to three whistles by Grassy. So far so good.

Things started to get interesting from here though. We were right in the wash down Plough Reach but held it together and kept moving on them. A good Ditton gave us several feet of overlap at the top of the Reach. Unfortunately, not quite enough. Improbably this position seemed to be maintained for most of the Reach, with pushes from each crew meaning the situation changed from a few feet of clear water to a few feet of overlap several times. What struck me from the bows was quite how much of their stern was in my field of view and for how long each time! However, we could never quite keep our rhythm for long enough to finish the job in their wash. The commitment to keep picking the boat up in what was basically a constant series of pushes from the Plough to the Railway Bridge was great; we just need to combine that with a little more composure.

So that all leaves things poised for another shot on Thursday. Hopefully another great race but this time with a better result.

Edited on Thu, 3rd Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 1 - M2 Bumped by Queens

Posted: Wednesday 02 March 2011, 11:50AM by Sam Harrison


Having had a good last outing on Sunday, we were feeling confident about todays race. On the way to marshaling, we did two good practice starts and enjoyed having a working cox box for the first term all term.

The race started well and the start was smooth and controlled. The Queens’ crew chasing us were clearly a good crew but we were also gaining on the Wolfson crew ahead of us. Then, confusion ensued. We overtook the Wolfson boat who had steered into the bank but we carried on rowing (due to the confusion) until we were bumped by Queens’. There was a few minutes deliberation and it turned out that the Hughes Hall crew ahead of Wolfson had failed to clear and obstructed the division so we had to have a re-row. Annoying.

The re-row started, although an unfortunate crab near the beginning meant that Queens’ caught us before we could have another go at Wolfson. Hopeful for a row over (or over bump – you never know) tomorrow.

Race report by Adam Wills.

Edited on Thu, 3rd Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 02 March 2011, 11:45AM by Sam Harrison


The results from Tuesday are:

M1: Rowed Over
W1: Rowed Over
M2: Bumped by Queens' III
M2: Bumped by Downing II

Good luck to M2 and W2 who are racing again on Wednesday at 2:00pm and 2:40pm respectively.

Lent Bumps 2011 - Division Times

Posted: Sunday 27 February 2011, 8:27PM by Sam Harrison


Sidney has four crews racing this week. The start times are given below. It would be great to see some support for the crews during the week!

Tue 1st: M1 - 4:40; W1 - 4:00; W2 - 2:40; M2 - 2:00

Wed 2nd: W2 - 2:40; M2 - 2:00

Thu 3rd: M1 - 3:20; W1 - 2:40; M2 - 2:00

Fri 4th: M1 - 3:20; W1 - 2:40; W2 - 1:20

Sat 5th: M1 - 3:20; W1 - 2:40; W2 - 1:20; M2 - 12:40

All details can be found on the CUCBC website.

Edited on Sun, 27th Feb 11 by Sam Harrison

Bedford Head 2011

Posted: Monday 14 February 2011, 1:29PM by Sam Harrison


With just two weeks until Lent bumps M1 and W1 travelled to Bedford. Both crews had some very encouraging results against a significant number of other Colleges which had made the trip. Each boat raced in two divisions and the placings and times were:

M1: 1st Nov. 8+ (6:36), 13th IM3 8+ (6:44)

W1: 10th IM3 8+ (7:49), 8th IM2 8+ (7:54)

The full results can be found on the Bedford website.

Edited on Mon, 14th Feb 11 by Sam Harrison

M1 - Newnham Shortcourse 2011

Posted: Sunday 13 February 2011, 11:07PM by Sam Harrison


The conditions completely changed the nature of this race with the wind making rowing on the Reach nightmareish. Our race plan was to treat it as a race through the corners and then see what happened on the Reach. In essence we would do the old Newnham Short Course as if the extension to the course this year had never happened!

The start went pretty well until the gut, where the wind unsettled us a little but we recovered and put in a really solid push in the shelter down Plough Reach. Predictably the conditions on the Reach didn't give rise to any rowing that could be described as technically proficient but we pushed through. In the end the result was encouraging and importantly much improved on H2H two weeks ago.

W1 - Newnham Shortcourse 2011

Posted: Tuesday 08 February 2011, 9:04AM by Tasha Scott


Newnham 'not so short' course was to the our first race as a new crew and despite almost gale force winds we were excited to see how a hard couple of weeks training would pay off. We made a good start, with little thought of the poor conditions, until we hit, what Aimee described as, a 'wall of wind' coming on to the reach. We pushed on through, and came out windswept and exhausted at the other side of the railway bridge. Overall we were the 6th fastest women's boat (even beating Churchill M2)and look forward to what promises to be a good term's rowing.

Edited on Sun, 13th Feb 11 by Sam Harrison

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