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May Bumps 2011 - Division Times

Posted: Wednesday 15 June 2011, 9:54AM by Tasha Scott


Sidney has six crews racing this week. The start times are given below. It would be great to see some support for the crews during the week!

Wed 15th: M1 - 18:15; W1 - 17:30; W2 - 14:30; M2 - 13:45; M3 - 13:45; M4 - 13:00

Thu 16th: M1 - 18:15; W1 - 17:30; W2 - 14:30; M2 - 13:45; M3 - 13:45; M4 - 13:00

Fri 17th: M1 - 18:15; W1 - 17:30; W2 - 14:30; M2 - 13:45; M3 - 13:45; M4 - 13:00

Sat 18th: M1 - 16:15; W1 - 15:30; W2 - 12:30; M2 - 11:45; M3 - 11:45; M4 - 11:00

All details can be found on the CUCBC website.

W1 Champs Eights

Posted: Monday 23 May 2011, 6:10PM by Tasha Scott


On the very windy Sunday 22nd May, W1 headed out for their final race of term before bumps, hoping to put in a good showing against the rest of the boats in their Bumps division.

The rowing up to the start was solid and powerful, helped along by the strong tailwind. After spinning, the crew began to get a feel for the headwind conditions that would be characteristic in the race to come.

The start outside the Plough wasn’t the best, but W1 soon found their steady, strong rhythm, sweeping around Ditton corner and then onto the reach. A first push out of the corner boosted the rhythm, and with Emma W2 many lengths ahead, the crew focused in and worked together. W1 dealt well with the conditions all the way down the reach, with late squaring and controlled slide speed helping to keep the power in the water, and the rate at 32+.

Two thirds into the race, Sidney were just a few lengths off Emma, and at the cox’s call a massive lift was put in in the wind shadow of the railway bridge. This was held until the build for the finish with 250m to go, where the race turned into a bumping race, and W1 finished the race long and strong with overlap on Emma W2.

After a long wait for times to be posted, W1 found out they had managed to complete the course in 6:02.6, making them the second fastest women’s crew overall (to Downing W1, beating crews that included Clare W1, Christs W1, Emma W1, Queens W1, Newnham W1, FaT W1, Murray Edwards W1, Queens M2, Emma M2 ………. and many more).

A well deserved second pot for a fantastic W1 crew. Hopefully a great bumps is on its way too.

Edited on Wed, 25th May 11 by Tasha Scott

W1 City Sprints

Posted: Monday 23 May 2011, 6:08PM by Tasha Scott


The day after a great showing in Spring Head to Head, W1 could be found racing in City Sprints.

Our semi-final race was against Churchill W1, and although the rowing wasn’t the tidiest, we managed to beat them. This put us in the final against Downing W1, who it turns out, are pretty swift. Again our rowing was a little scrappy, so we were unsurprised that they beat us by a reasonably large margin. However, the race was a good experience, so well done to all.

W1 Spring Head to Head

Posted: Sunday 08 May 2011, 10:47PM by Beth Parker


Saturday saw W1's first race of term in the City of Cambridge Spring Head to Head. We went off hard on the first leg chasing Churchill down the course and gaining several lengths by the finish. It was an aggressive row down the river and we were pleased with the pace we had produced.
The second leg began all too soon for most of us and the first third of the course was not as solid as our previous row. However we picked up the pace down the plough reach after a good line around grassy corner and made a really strong move on Churchill down the long reach. We ended up just half a length behind as we crossed the finish line after some very determined pushes.
The effort was worth it as we later received our pots for the fastest Women's VIII in the second May's division, winning by 30 seconds. We were also the 4th fastest women's VII overall - well done ladies!!

Edited on Mon, 9th May 11 by Tasha Scott

Sidney Sussex Boat Club Garden Party

Posted: Thursday 28 April 2011, 10:45PM by Maddie Hoyt


Sidney Sussex Boat Club Garden Party 2011

Sidney Sussex Boat Club are delighted to invite you to attend its annual Garden Party to be held in Sidney Sussex Tennis Court gardens on Sunday 19th June from 12pm-3pm.

Along with live Music from several of Sidney's own bands, there will be a selection of free drinks, including Pimms, Barbequed foods and ice-cream. There will also be the opportunity to partake in the legendary "Erg Game" and even win prizes!

To sign up, just click here!

Reserve early, as tickets are expected to sell out quickly. Email confirmation will be sent upon payment.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Best Wishes,

Magdalen Hoyt

SSBC Social Secretary 2011

Facebook Event

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 4 W1

Posted: Sunday 06 March 2011, 9:47PM by Tasha Scott


After getting bumped by Murray Edwards yesterday, we were anxious for a good row today. We had our best start of bumps so far, and felt strong down First Post Reach. When we reached First Post Corner, Jesus II was a length behind us. We had take a wide turn around LMBC II banked in the Gut, which allowed Jesus II to gain half a length around Grassy Corner, with Fitzwilliam a half length behind them. Jesus inched up on us through Plough Reach, bringing their bow ball to overlap. We kept our heads, and by the time we went into Ditton Corner, we had pushed off Jesus a bit. After a hard push by the crew and an excellent line by our cox, we pulled away from Jesus around Ditton Corner and then gained a length at the top of the Long Reach. Fitz caught Jesus halfway down the Reach, and we had a solid row down the rest of the course. We finished with a hard-fought row over that we were all proud of.

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 5 - M1 Rowed Over

Posted: Sunday 06 March 2011, 5:57PM by Sam Harrison


We lined up on the last day behind Downing II and in front of LMBC II. We decided to be aggressive off the start and see what happened. The start was crisp; we wound to mid-40's and had a good stretch down to First Post corner, gaining on Downing II slightly. LMBC had remained close but a good line round Grassy and a really solid push in front of the Plough saw us open up some distance on them.

LMBC were bumped round Ditton which allowed us to lengthen out the rowing down the Reach. It was our best row of the week and although the results haven't gone our way this week there have been many positives to take away from the Bumps campaign.

Edited on Sun, 6th Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 5

Posted: Sunday 06 March 2011, 5:44PM by Sam Harrison


M1: Rowed Over
W1: Bumped by Fitzwilliam
M2: Bumped by Pembroke III
W2: Bumped by Trinity Hall II

Lent Bumps 2011 - Days 3 & 4 - M1 Bumped by Caius II, Downing II

Posted: Friday 04 March 2011, 9:17PM by Sam Harrison


After such a thrilling race on Tuesday and a welcome rest day before Thursday we were hopeful we'd get another shot at FaT II. But bumps rarely goes to plan. Our start was scrappy and the rowing didn't improve when we tried to lengthen out. We never settled into anything that even approximated a rhythm and with Caius II behind us in no mood to be generous we were bumped on the exit of First Post corner.

Fortunately for us Friday is always a different day to Thursday. We suspected that Downing II would have a quick start but after the slightly unusual results the day before Caius II would have nothing to chase. The aim was to row like we had on Tuesday and see what happened. We had a pretty solid start and set off hard and kept Downing at distance through the gut. Things still looked fine down Plough Reach and through Ditton but Downing started reeling us in down the Reach. They inched towards us until they got their first whistle, at which point they just ratcheted their boat speed up, pushing off each new whistle. They had a jump call which we didn't have a big enough response to and just ground us down, eventually bumping past the Railway Bridge. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have quite the same knack for rowing when another boat has several feet of overlap on you that FaT II have - a skill we really could have used today but overall the rowing was much improved.

Edited on Fri, 4th Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

Lent Bumps 2011 - Day 4

Posted: Friday 04 March 2011, 8:48PM by Sam Harrison


M1: Bumped by Downing II
W1: Rowed Over
W2: Bumped by Peterhouse II

Best of luck to all crews tomorrow, racing at the following times: M1 (3:20), W1 (2:40), W2 (1:20) & M2 (12:40)

Edited on Sun, 6th Mar 11 by Sam Harrison

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