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W1 Day 3

Posted: Saturday 18 June 2011, 8:06AM by Kate Snow


Bad weather has always seemed to inspire good rowing during the past term and the same could be said for day 3.

We did possibly our best start to date from under the motorway bridge on the way down to race, easily opening up a large distance between us and the Jesus crew doing their start behind us.

Even though we started on the outflow, this didnt put us off and after another good start we were quickly getting whistles on the Jesus boat infront. After doing our first racing corner we got the bump!

Thanks to everyone on the bank supporting, especially the small boy in the tree who braved the wasps to cheer us on!

W1 Day 2

Posted: Saturday 18 June 2011, 7:58AM by Kate Snow


After a quick bump on ARU on the first day we were quietly confident for our chances of catching Robinson.

We were further spurred on by their coach who, while marshalling, told his crew that we would be 'eating their dust'...

... we caught them before first post corner after a strong start and a powerful push into the wash,

Next Jesus 2..

M2 - Day 3

Posted: Friday 17 June 2011, 7:05PM by Daniel Worrall


The river gods have it in for us. A third day of bumps and yet still no bumps for us, but today it was close.

We'd gained water on Magdalene III and were more than canvasing, cox had gone in for the kill and given two more seconds we'd have done it. In fact we were in the middle of a 3-boat-sandwich. Homerton II were right on our tail and managed to ram us critical seconds before we bumped.

M1 - Day 2

Posted: Friday 17 June 2011, 10:54AM by Nick Taylor


Despite hours of pouring rain drenching the lower divisions the clouds parted (and the winds picked up) for the M2 division. After the best start yet M1 quickly gained half a length on CCAT and got the first whistle. Despite a gutsy row from CCAT they were no match for the "six inches" power of Sidney M1. To keep things consistent, and because we liked the bushes by it CCAT also fell at First Post.

M1 - Day 1

Posted: Friday 17 June 2011, 10:53AM by Nick Taylor


The culmination of a hard term's training on and off the water, M1 met early on the first day for a locker room chat filled with some inspirational words. A solid row up followed with some early bumping practice on a floating tree. After a quick start, M1 were soon being battered around a bit in the wash under the bridge, the crew started getting the power down together and a sharp bump on Darwin at First Post Corner soon came. Apologies to Wolfson for forcing them into bumping a drifting Darwin crew too by clearing leisurely.

M2 - Day 2

Posted: Thursday 16 June 2011, 4:45PM by Daniel Worrall


Fantastic bumps start today. We gained half a length in the first 15 strokes. The only problem was that Christ's gained twice that on Magdalene.

After Christ's bumped Magdalene, the cox skilfully took us through a small gap past the boats and we went in for the overbump. We'd gained serious distance on the boat to be overbumped - Christ's Fellows - when we were called back for a rerow.

We were set as head of the rerowing division, so rowing over was the only option. And we did. So no bumps today, but neither were we bumped.

Edited on Thu, 16th Jun 11 by Dan Worrall

M2 - Day 1

Posted: Thursday 16 June 2011, 11:10AM by Daniel Worrall


M2 - kitted in Sidney colours

Kitted in Sidney colours, M2 set out behind Magdalene M3 and in front of Christ's Rugby M4. We'd beaten Magdalene in previous races building up to now and knew we could do it again.

As fate would have it, the sound system on the boat shorted out just before the race and we were left to race of our own accord. Virtually coxless. Despite this we gained up on Magdalene and were about to take them on Ditton at half a length, when to our horror 3's seat came off. The bump had just passed. We still had a race to finish and managed to row on with Christ's in our back water about 2 lengths behind. No problem!

200m to the end 3 had a calamitous uncrabable crab. Christ's took us on the finishing line, but tomorrow, we will catch them back!

Edited on Thu, 16th Jun 11 by Dan Worrall

W2 - Day 1

Posted: Thursday 16 June 2011, 9:31AM by Tasha Scott


W2 has come unbelievably far this term and has really gelled as a crew (even with a recent crew change) and following some strong races and outings we were feeling optimistic going into day 1. We had a good row down accompanied by excerpts from the best motivational speeches YouTube has to offer (complete with various accents, courtesy of Ginny) and were looking forward to a good, fast race.

We knew that Murray Edwards II were going to be hard to bump and would soon close in on Darwin II in front of them , so our strategy was to make the most of our strong start and try to push onto them quickly. We started very well and were soon safe from Churchill II behind us. When Murray Edwards and Darwin bumped out at First Post Corner we knew that we had to push past and be optimistic about going for the overbump on Newnham III– you really never know what will happen in bumps so we needed to put in a fast row just in case. Despite a few wobbles and the realisation that top finish is really really far if you are sprinting all the way, we kept together and had an excellent row, gaining several lengths on Newnham III.

Thanks to our bank party and to all our supporters on the bank

W1 - Day 1

Posted: Thursday 16 June 2011, 9:13AM by Kate Snow


With the mysterious ARU (who have decided to train off cam all term) in front and Darwin W1 behind we decided to go out and row our own race- ie keep rowing until we bump/overbump!

Following a long marshalling session and an 'impressive' set of zombie impersonations from ARU (everyone lies down in the boat, the cox yells zombie and everyone sits up with their arms out in front like a zombie) we were soon at the start line.

We made a good sharp start and had whistles off the wind strokes! Though ARU had some problems off the start due to a poor push off we gained ground fast and before we knew it we had bumped :)

Hopefully more of the same to follow.

Edited on Thu, 16th Jun 11 by Tasha Scott

Day 1

Posted: Wednesday 15 June 2011, 9:04PM by Tasha Scott


Well done to all crews for a great day of racing!

A mention must be made for M2, who were holding off the crew behind them well before there was an equipment failure around the three-seat....

Edited on Wed, 15th Jun 11 by Tasha Scott

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