May Bumps 2016 – Friday – M1

After two row overs, Sidney M1 felt it was finally time to make a mark on the competition. For the 8th time since Chris joined M1, we lined up to start behind Queens’ M2. Having forced Queens’ into a tough row over yesterday we aimed to capitalise by putting pressure on them from the start. On the cannon we instantly committed with powerful draws, winds and lengthens before striding down to a powerful rate 38 and, shortly after, heard our first whistle.
A length quickly became three quarters as we rowed with the same commitment we have had all week, but this time we weren’t going to let Queens’ hold us off. A tight line around First Post brought us the second whistle and a push through The Gut resulted in three whistles into Grassy. Contact was made coming out of the corner in front of the cheering crowds. After celebrating with our supporters, and adorned with greenery, we headed back to marshall again as sandwich boat.
Back on station we took on some sweets, water and advice from the newest addition to our bank party, Hannah Spry. We agreed that this was not a time for holding back and threw everything at Christ’s M2. Our first whistle came during our start sequence, our second shortly after the stride, the bump before the motorway bridge. We then had the pleasure of rowing the full length of the Cam in our greenery.
The “So I am needed after all” award goes to our boatman Tim Rhodes for stepping in at the last minute to push us off for our first race, in the absence of the usual Nicholas Porter.
The “Sprinkle Sprinkle” award goes to Silvia Breu for working some Silvia magic to find us an experienced bank party for our second race.
Finally the “Sidney Buses” award goes to KJ Pollard for waiting 5 years for a bump before two came along at once.

May Bumps – Friday – M2

We did it again! Bumped Eddies M2 in the Gut.

After our bump yesterday we had a Homerton crew keen for revenge but we left them clear in our wake as we pushed on up the river. A fast start from Eddies allowed them to hold station initially but we slowly but surely reeled them in, earning a whistle as we approached first post corner. From there their fate was sealed, a lift from within the boat and another textbook line round first post from Ruth meant that by the time we’d got to ‘The Gut’ we had already got to within three whistles. We pressed on and sealed the bump well before grassy.

A strong row from all. Zach kindly kept his expletives to himself today, maybe something to do with his future in-laws watching. Bring on tomorrow where we’ll be chasing Catz M3, hoping to complete a triplet of bumps.

May Bumps – Thursday – M1

Thursday was a disappointing day for a fiercely competitive Sidney M1. Chasing Queens M2 to become sandwich boat we always knew we were in with a chance. On hearing the cannon we made an explosive start quickly opening a gap between ourselves and Emma and, more importantly, gaining on Queens.

Shortly after our stride, as we came into first post corner, we heard our first whistle. In the Gut we were at three quarters. As a crew we started to believe. Unfortunately an outstanding Queens crew had other ideas and they resolutely held us at three quarters for the Plough Reach. Performing well under what must have been immense pressure from behind Queens responded to our pushes and kept us from getting that elusive second whistle.

We fought valiantly all the way up the Reach and whilst we could be accused of getting a little scrappy in our desperation we could not be accused of giving up. Both crews crossed the finish line approximately on station and completely exhausted.

Tomorrow we will chase Queens again, knowing we can put pressure on them from the start and hoping that this time we will be able to break them.

The United We Stand award goes to all of M1 for lifting each other after a disappointing result and the resolve to come back stronger on Friday

May Bumps 2016 – Thursday – M2

We did it, we got the bump!

After a strong start we gained on Homerton M2 early and had whistles before first post while Magdalene M3 were left dropping back behind. Yet again Ruth expertly navigated clearing crews as we were pushed wide round first post and a strong push down the gut got us within half a length.

Ruth’s tight line round grassy got us within touching distance and before long we were hearing the continuous whistles of overlap before finally sealing the bump outside the Plough, just in time for our Bowman Tom to give a full race breakdown live on Cam FM.

Tomorrow we look up the river chasing Eddies M2, our strong performance on Wednesday chasing an overbump on them making us confident for tomorrow.

Lastly we would like to apologise on behalf of the ‘Baby of the Boat’, who despite being a Languages student, was unable to find non-explicit vocabulary to celebrate our bump. He was appropriately berated by our Boatman