W1 – Day 3

{italic}Report by Beth Parker Bumped Pembroke II{enditalic} After 2 days of quick bumps we knew we were in for a harder row today; Pembroke II were much quicker than the crews we had been chasing the previous two days and […]

M2 – Day 3

{italic}Report by Henry Scarlett Row Over{enditalic} Day 3 for M2 was probably the most comfortable day for the crew in many respects; we knew that the crew chasing us, Downing III, whom we had bumped on the previous day, were […]

M2 – Day 2

{italic}Report by Henry Scarlett Bumped Downing III{enditalic} Going into Day 2, we felt confident of a bump against Downing III who had been bumped by Hughes Hall, whom we had held ground with before our premature finish to the race […]

M2 – Day 1

{italic}Report by Henry Scarlett Technical Row Over{enditalic} Day 1 of Bumps for M2, although not the race of our dreams, proved to be a very encouraging start to this year’s Lents. With it being the first bumps ever for over […]

M2 – Day 3

{italic}Another day, another two races…{enditalic} Arriving at the boathouse we mused over the fact that as a result of being sandwich boat we had already rowed four races – the equivalent of what one boat usually rows in the whole […]

M2 – Day 2

{bold}Race 1 – Division 5{endbold} {italic}Rowed over{enditalic} Our aim in this race was to maintain our position at the head of the division, which would mean rowing over. Although we had added confidence derived from our success in bumping Christ\\’s […]

May Bumps 2008 – M2 Day 1

{bold}Race 1 – Division 5{endbold} {italic}Bumped Christ\\’s III{enditalic} The performance of M2 over the last couple of years has been somewhat less than stella: we knew that we were in with at least half a chance of doing well on […]