May Bumps 2016 – Friday – M1

After two row overs, Sidney M1 felt it was finally time to make a mark on the competition. For the 8th time since Chris joined M1, we lined up to start behind Queens’ M2. Having forced Queens’ into a tough row over yesterday we aimed to capitalise by putting pressure on them from the start. On the cannon we instantly committed with powerful draws, winds and lengthens before striding down to a powerful rate 38 and, shortly after, heard our first whistle.
A length quickly became three quarters as we rowed with the same commitment we have had all week, but this time we weren’t going to let Queens’ hold us off. A tight line around First Post brought us the second whistle and a push through The Gut resulted in three whistles into Grassy. Contact was made coming out of the corner in front of the cheering crowds. After celebrating with our supporters, and adorned with greenery, we headed back to marshall again as sandwich boat.
Back on station we took on some sweets, water and advice from the newest addition to our bank party, Hannah Spry. We agreed that this was not a time for holding back and threw everything at Christ’s M2. Our first whistle came during our start sequence, our second shortly after the stride, the bump before the motorway bridge. We then had the pleasure of rowing the full length of the Cam in our greenery.
The “So I am needed after all” award goes to our boatman Tim Rhodes for stepping in at the last minute to push us off for our first race, in the absence of the usual Nicholas Porter.
The “Sprinkle Sprinkle” award goes to Silvia Breu for working some Silvia magic to find us an experienced bank party for our second race.
Finally the “Sidney Buses” award goes to KJ Pollard for waiting 5 years for a bump before two came along at once.

May Bumps – Friday – M2

We did it again! Bumped Eddies M2 in the Gut.

After our bump yesterday we had a Homerton crew keen for revenge but we left them clear in our wake as we pushed on up the river. A fast start from Eddies allowed them to hold station initially but we slowly but surely reeled them in, earning a whistle as we approached first post corner. From there their fate was sealed, a lift from within the boat and another textbook line round first post from Ruth meant that by the time we’d got to ‘The Gut’ we had already got to within three whistles. We pressed on and sealed the bump well before grassy.

A strong row from all. Zach kindly kept his expletives to himself today, maybe something to do with his future in-laws watching. Bring on tomorrow where we’ll be chasing Catz M3, hoping to complete a triplet of bumps.

May Bumps – Thursday – M1

Thursday was a disappointing day for a fiercely competitive Sidney M1. Chasing Queens M2 to become sandwich boat we always knew we were in with a chance. On hearing the cannon we made an explosive start quickly opening a gap between ourselves and Emma and, more importantly, gaining on Queens.

Shortly after our stride, as we came into first post corner, we heard our first whistle. In the Gut we were at three quarters. As a crew we started to believe. Unfortunately an outstanding Queens crew had other ideas and they resolutely held us at three quarters for the Plough Reach. Performing well under what must have been immense pressure from behind Queens responded to our pushes and kept us from getting that elusive second whistle.

We fought valiantly all the way up the Reach and whilst we could be accused of getting a little scrappy in our desperation we could not be accused of giving up. Both crews crossed the finish line approximately on station and completely exhausted.

Tomorrow we will chase Queens again, knowing we can put pressure on them from the start and hoping that this time we will be able to break them.

The United We Stand award goes to all of M1 for lifting each other after a disappointing result and the resolve to come back stronger on Friday

May Bumps 2016 – Thursday – M2

We did it, we got the bump!

After a strong start we gained on Homerton M2 early and had whistles before first post while Magdalene M3 were left dropping back behind. Yet again Ruth expertly navigated clearing crews as we were pushed wide round first post and a strong push down the gut got us within half a length.

Ruth’s tight line round grassy got us within touching distance and before long we were hearing the continuous whistles of overlap before finally sealing the bump outside the Plough, just in time for our Bowman Tom to give a full race breakdown live on Cam FM.

Tomorrow we look up the river chasing Eddies M2, our strong performance on Wednesday chasing an overbump on them making us confident for tomorrow.

Lastly we would like to apologise on behalf of the ‘Baby of the Boat’, who despite being a Languages student, was unable to find non-explicit vocabulary to celebrate our bump. He was appropriately berated by our Boatman


May Bumps 2016 – Wednesday – M2

M2 went into the first day of bumps confident and came out with our heads held high. We started fast, trying to chase down Caius M3 and pushed away from Downing M3 chasing us. Unfortunately Caius bumped Homerton M2 just before first post corner, which meant some rapid manoeuvring was required from Ruth to avoid Caius, who were sat in the middle of the river.

After a brief altercation with several trees on strokeside and a hasty reset we settled in for the long haul. Magdalene and Downing bumping out behind and a technical row-over for ARU gave us a clear river behind us so we pushed on for a possible overbump on a strong Eddies M2.

Despite slowly catching down the reach and Ruth’s ever-perfect lines we couldn’t quite draw them in fast enough and had to settle for a strong row-over.

We didn’t get the bump we wanted, but today we established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with on the river. Rowing over in style after some unlucky events early on can only give us confidence for the week ahead. Tomorrow our sights are set up the river on Homerton M2. We don’t plan on rowing over again.

May Bumps 2016 – Wednesday – M1

Today was always going to be a tough race for a determined Sidney M1. Chasing a confident Clare M2 we went in looking to create some pressure from stroke one – and that we did. Having been made to wait for Georgina we channelled that energy into an aggressive, yet controlled, start getting to rate 45 with the cover we usually get at 40 and as we came out of our stride we heard our coach, Silvia, shouting “inside station.”
Behind us Emma started well and held us into Grassy. However our powerful, committed, and technical rowing allowed us to open up a gap as we moved onto the Reach. Unfortunately Clare showed their class and were able to push us back with all three crews completing emphatic row overs
Tomorrow we find ourselves chasing Queens’ M2 and we will be looking for the same race again; cool, calm, collected.

The Team Spirit award goes to W1 for being the loudest crew on the Cam and lifting the crew as we passed the P&E

Emma Sprints – Snow

Despite setting off under the pouring rain and making our ‘Frozen’ theme a little too literal for comfort, Snow had a strong row to marshalling and a powerful start in the first race against Catz WN1. A technical incident let Catz catch up with us, and although we kept up with them in sixes, by the end of the Reach they had pulled ahead.

In the second race, however, Snow’s full potential was shown as, after being left behind by Churchill WN1’s explosive start, they matter-of-factly caught up with them, got back on station by the middle of the Reach, and proceeded to overtake. With a low, steady rating and chunky catches, every stroke lifted the boat up and the puddles were massive – we won by a comfortable length.

\This is how Snow rows\”

reflecting as much on their power and technique as on the determination with which they kept together in the face of the weather

 and a broken coxbox!</p>
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Lent Bumps 2010 round-up

Congratulations to all the SSBC who have been racing this week. Thank you, also, to all those who have made their way down to the river to support us despite the inclement weather.

With all the racing and post-race celebrating over, the final results for Lent Bumps 2010 are as follows:

{bold}M1 – Blades – {endbold} Bumped Wolfson, Jesus II, Caius II and LMBC II
{bold}M2{endbold} – Up three – Bumped Anglia Ruskin II, Clare Hall and Queens\\’ III
{bold}W1{endbold} – Up two – Bumped Fitzwilliam, Jesus II
{bold}W2{endbold} – Down one – Bumped Selwyn II, Bumped by Christ\\’s II and Newnham II

Edited on Sun, 28th Feb 10 by James Gill

Full results tables are available on the CUCBC website

Lent Bumps 2010 Day 5 – M1 bump LMBC II

Going into the final day we already knew that we\\’d produced one of the best results that a Men\\’s first boat from Sidney had produced in several years. We also knew that we had a huge opportunity to make it an even better week and finish it off in style.

Despite starting on the outflow we pushed off perfectly straight and settled into a reasonable rhythm. Just as we were about to stride down from rating in the low forties we got our first whistle – consequently, despite Rob calling a stride it didn\\’t really happen and we kept the rating high. In due course both second and third whistles came. However, when we reached overlap with LMBC II it seemed to take us an age to actually get the bump. However, in time, it came on First Post Corner conveniently in front of a large group of SSBC supporters.

The Bump on LMBC II marked the perfect end to the week\\’s racing for M1, making us the first Sidney M1 to win blades in Lent Bumps for 15 years. All that was left to do was to row home in style and celebrate our success.

On behalf of M1 I\\’d like to express you huge gratitude to our coaches Michael Burcher, Chris Lloyd and Tim Rhodes for all their help, guidance and dedication throughout the term – we really could not have done it without you.

M1, rowing home

Head of the River Race 2009

{italic}Race report by Henry Scarlett{enditalic}

This year Sidney entered both men’s senior boats into the rowing calendar’s big head race, Head of the River Race held on Saturday 21st March on the Thames (rowed over the Boat Race course, but in the reverse direction from Mortlake to Putney, on the ebb tide). Sidney was one of 17 Cambridge colleges to enter the race and was, along with Trinity First and Third and Selwyn, one of only three college boat clubs to have a second boat participating.

The squad went down to London a few days earlier thanks to an invitation from Tideway Scullers School to use their boathouse as a base for training on the Tideway and a place to stay for the build up to race day. Here Sidney got to watch ‘The Great Eight’ (the eventual winning crew comprising the world\\’s eight foremost heavyweight male scullers, six of whom were competing at the Beijing Olympics last year) in training, as well as the Blue Boats in their final week of preparations for The Boat Race. The few days of training spent training on the Tideway proved invaluable experience for the crews and allowed for the two coxes to be shown the course by a coach from The University of London Boat Club.

On race day both crews put in good performances in beautiful conditions with M1 and M2 going off as No. 305 with a time of 21:00.97, and No. 408 with a time of 21:11.75 respectively. M2 had a particularly good race, overtaking a crew, going up 50 places in the finishing order, and being only 11 seconds slower than and 13 places behind M1.

Overall, the squad had a great off-Cam time in what was a very different type of racing to what one experiences on home turf, but ultimately the club enjoyed more success winning in a pub quiz (to the annoyance of the local regulars) on the first night of Tideway training than in the race despite lots of fun being had in both events. Thanks must go to Bill James and Rich Mott for coaching, David Winch for support and photos on the day, and Tideway Scullers School for being such brilliant hosts.