Lent Bumps 2016 – Friday – M1

Ok, the row overs aren’t funny any more, but since when has bumps been fair?

Once again, we had a quick start and moved up on Queens to get them to one length, but didn’t manage to reel them in any closer. FaT M2 bumped Downing M2 early on, so all Queens had to do was hold us off, and sadly they did. Another day following Queens M2, but we will take the fight to them once more.

There was little pressure from the ascending Clare M2, visible but never a threat. Glad to be able to halt their progress.

On a more positive note, the rowing has been really good so far this week and has not been reflected at all in the results. Special commendation to Philip Saville for doing a good job of keeping up with the rest of the crew, despite being his first term in the boat and having learned how to row in Oxford.

“We can’t wait for that push off the railway bridge!”

Lent Bumps 2016 – Thursday – M1

Another day, another row over. This one was more frustrating than the first. We started today hoping to catch Queens’ M2 off guard. We had a whistle on them soon after the motorway bridge, at which point Alex alerted us to “a sandwich situation” up ahead as Queens M2′ were gaining on FaT M2.

We pushed hard, were rewarded with calls that we were gaining and then… “Hold it up!” Crews ahead had failed to clear and blocked up the river. A re-row for Queens’ M2 and FaT M2, with Sidney not invited to the party, possibly because Alex had once again managed to fit through an impossibly small gap and take us away from the carnage. We were awarded a technical row over/there were no crews racing behind us so we took it home at a calm rate 18.

Special commendation to Lucian for rowing past the whole W1 division without trying to organise a swap with any of them