May Bumps 2018: Day 2

What. A. Day. Sidney had a hugely successful Day 2 with bumps from M1, W1 and W2, and a row-over from M2. Read about the details of theses solid performances here. The Boat is currently on +3 for this campaign.


M1: Crews rarely have to race the entire bumps course at 110%, but this is exactly what Sidney and Downing II were forced to do. After a strong start, Jesus II, who we bumped yesterday, clearly went out hard and had almost two whistles before the first post. However, Sidney kept their cool and managed to push away through the corners, whilst also gaining a whistle on Downing. Down the plough reach the gap continued to close. Two whistles round Ditton. Three whistles down the reach. Sidney kept making moves to try and finish it off, but Downing were fighting equally hard. Coming under the Railway Bridge, there was overlap, and with a gutsy finish from the crew, the bump was awarded just one boat length off the finish line! Again, invaluable calls from coaches David Winch and Michael Burcher helped Sidney close the gap. Credit to Downing II for an incredible race.


W1: One day 1, crews ahead and behind bumped out before Sidney could get involved. Not this time. Starting on station 14, Sidney W1 caught Robinson at station 5. With one whistle coming straight out of the start sequence, the crew were ruthless and finished off the race before it had barely started.


M2: The Men’s Second Boat were out for a revenge bump on Eddies but despite a strong start and edging into within station, Eddies managed a bump ahead . After some impeccable steering through the carnage from cox, Matt Grady, Sidney II continued with strength to complete the row-over. The crew are keen for Day 3, where they hope to reclaim station 12.


W2: The excitement in the boat hadn’t been dampened by the first day’s tiring row-over, and it translated into a boat hungry for a bump. CamFm described the crew’s moves as ‘cracking’ as they bumped Magdalene by first-post corner. A really happy row home, with plenty of opportunity for pictures and recovery. The crew spent the afternoon at the plough cheering on the other boats.

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