May Bumps 2018: Day 1

May Bumps 2018 sees Sidney entering 4 crews. Follow this blog to get daily updates on how the crews progress. Day 1 saw an overall solid performance, with a net movement of 0.


M1: First day nerves were noticeable in the Men’s First Crew, but this wasn’t enough to stop them catching Jesus II on the exit of Ditton Corner. After a strong performance in Nine’s Regatta against the same crew, this bump was for M1’s taking, but Jesus fought well, putting the crew’s stamina, resilience and belief to the test. A couple of key tactical calls from Head Coach, Silvia Breu, helped seal the deal and M1 now look to the next day, hoping for another clinical bump.

W1: Surrounded by bumping crews, much of the first day’s result was out of W1’s control. However, the crew still went out strong, narrowing a double over bump opportunity to just 2.5 lengths! With a solid row-over from day 1 and crews coming down ahead, Sidney’s First Women’s boat are looking ahead to get some well deserved bumps.

M2: Passions were high in M2’s first race. A close fight between them and the casing crew was setting up until carnage ahead stopped the racing. The result: an unfortunate technical bump award to the chasing crew, Eddies. An understandably disappointed M2 are keen to keep the response in the water – watch this space!

W2: True spirit and determination was shown by the Women’s second boat. After escaping three whistles from the crew chasing, W2 went on to complete a strong row-over. Hopes for the next day involve translating this passion into a positive result. W2 also once again proved themselves as a pillar of the Boat Club, offering much needed motivation from the bank for the first boats.



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