Emma Sprints 2017 – Snow and Worrall

Huge well done to Snow and Worrall, who raced in the first division of Emma sprints this morning.

Snow had a solid first race against Murray Edwards NW3, with fantastically calm coxing from Matt Grady in the face of some interesting steering from MEdwards. They adopted a strong and steady approach, and were gaining throughout the later part of the race, but sadly finished about 5m behind. For their second race, Snow faced First and Third NW3. They pulled ahead right from the start, and extended their lead all the way through the course, finishing around 3 lengths ahead of FaT.

Worrall’s first race was a victory by organisation over Robinson NM2, who failed to turn up. They had a solid row-through as practise for their first proper race against Trinity Hall NM2. Worrall had a slow but stable start, dropping behind by 1.5 lengths by the middle of the race, but managed to get within a length after a final power 10 in the last 200 meters. Special mention goes to Mark Thornton for a textboox crab recovery just before the finish line.

Congratulations to both crews, stay tuned for reports from Shipley and Marsh!

Both crews after racing
Snow vs. FaT NW3

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