May Bumps – Thursday – M1

Thursday was a disappointing day for a fiercely competitive Sidney M1. Chasing Queens M2 to become sandwich boat we always knew we were in with a chance. On hearing the cannon we made an explosive start quickly opening a gap between ourselves and Emma and, more importantly, gaining on Queens.

Shortly after our stride, as we came into first post corner, we heard our first whistle. In the Gut we were at three quarters. As a crew we started to believe. Unfortunately an outstanding Queens crew had other ideas and they resolutely held us at three quarters for the Plough Reach. Performing well under what must have been immense pressure from behind Queens responded to our pushes and kept us from getting that elusive second whistle.

We fought valiantly all the way up the Reach and whilst we could be accused of getting a little scrappy in our desperation we could not be accused of giving up. Both crews crossed the finish line approximately on station and completely exhausted.

Tomorrow we will chase Queens again, knowing we can put pressure on them from the start and hoping that this time we will be able to break them.

The United We Stand award goes to all of M1 for lifting each other after a disappointing result and the resolve to come back stronger on Friday

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