May Bumps – Friday – M2

We did it again! Bumped Eddies M2 in the Gut.

After our bump yesterday we had a Homerton crew keen for revenge but we left them clear in our wake as we pushed on up the river. A fast start from Eddies allowed them to hold station initially but we slowly but surely reeled them in, earning a whistle as we approached first post corner. From there their fate was sealed, a lift from within the boat and another textbook line round first post from Ruth meant that by the time we’d got to ‘The Gut’ we had already got to within three whistles. We pressed on and sealed the bump well before grassy.

A strong row from all. Zach kindly kept his expletives to himself today, maybe something to do with his future in-laws watching. Bring on tomorrow where we’ll be chasing Catz M3, hoping to complete a triplet of bumps.

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