May Bumps 2016 – Thursday – M2

We did it, we got the bump!

After a strong start we gained on Homerton M2 early and had whistles before first post while Magdalene M3 were left dropping back behind. Yet again Ruth expertly navigated clearing crews as we were pushed wide round first post and a strong push down the gut got us within half a length.

Ruth’s tight line round grassy got us within touching distance and before long we were hearing the continuous whistles of overlap before finally sealing the bump outside the Plough, just in time for our Bowman Tom to give a full race breakdown live on Cam FM.

Tomorrow we look up the river chasing Eddies M2, our strong performance on Wednesday chasing an overbump on them making us confident for tomorrow.

Lastly we would like to apologise on behalf of the ‘Baby of the Boat’, who despite being a Languages student, was unable to find non-explicit vocabulary to celebrate our bump. He was appropriately berated by our Boatman


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