Emma Sprints – Snow

Despite setting off under the pouring rain and making our ‘Frozen’ theme a little too literal for comfort, Snow had a strong row to marshalling and a powerful start in the first race against Catz WN1. A technical incident let Catz catch up with us, and although we kept up with them in sixes, by the end of the Reach they had pulled ahead.

In the second race, however, Snow’s full potential was shown as, after being left behind by Churchill WN1’s explosive start, they matter-of-factly caught up with them, got back on station by the middle of the Reach, and proceeded to overtake. With a low, steady rating and chunky catches, every stroke lifted the boat up and the puddles were massive – we won by a comfortable length.

\This is how Snow rows\”

reflecting as much on their power and technique as on the determination with which they kept together in the face of the weather

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