Lent Bumps 2010 round-up

Congratulations to all the SSBC who have been racing this week. Thank you, also, to all those who have made their way down to the river to support us despite the inclement weather.

With all the racing and post-race celebrating over, the final results for Lent Bumps 2010 are as follows:

{bold}M1 – Blades – {endbold} Bumped Wolfson, Jesus II, Caius II and LMBC II
{bold}M2{endbold} – Up three – Bumped Anglia Ruskin II, Clare Hall and Queens\\’ III
{bold}W1{endbold} – Up two – Bumped Fitzwilliam, Jesus II
{bold}W2{endbold} – Down one – Bumped Selwyn II, Bumped by Christ\\’s II and Newnham II

Edited on Sun, 28th Feb 10 by James Gill

Full results tables are available on the CUCBC website

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